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March 12, 2008

Review: Accidentally Yours by Susan Mallery

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Accidentally Yours by Susan Mallery Accidentally Yours //Susan Mallery //January 2008 // HQN Books

This was one of the first titles I read in ‘08 and it definitely started the year off on the right foot. The story of a mother who will go to any lengths to save her son, Accidentally Yours tugged at the heartstrings and reinforced the strong bonds between mothers and their children.

Kerri Sullivan is a single mother struggling to raise her son Cody, who has Gilliar’s disease. If a cure is not found, Kerri knows that her son will die. And she will do anything, anything, to prevent that from happening. In doing her research, she learns that millionaire Nathan King’s son has died from Gilliar’s disease. Hoping that with his resources, King will want to help in getting research on Gilliar’s started again by Dr. Abram Wallace. Dr. Wallace had been close to finding a cure but his lab went up in flames, claiming the lives of some of his researchers and pushing him into a hermit’s life, away from those he feels he disappointed.

But Nathan King wants nothing to do with Kerri Sullivan and lets her know as much upon their first meeting. Still, Kerri fights to get a donation from the man as that is the only way her son’s life will be spared. Eventually, King comes through with the money in exchange for having Kerri by his side to garner good PR in his quest to build towers that will be the mark of his successes. Yet in spending time with Kerri and Cody, King starts to feel his defenses crumbling against the utter strength and determination he sees in Kerri’s actions. And together they find that even in the face of such a great adversity, each can begin to find a new focus in falling in love.

This novel touched me on so many levels. I am not yet a mother but from my own experience with my mom, I know how strongly the bond is between mothers and their children. And I know that there is nothing that my mother wouldn’t do to help me in a time of crisis or need. The same can be said for Kerri and her bond with Cody. The disease that raveges his body limits him to crutches but Kerri gives her son strength in pretending to be Super Mom, even donning a cape and setting up extravagant stunts so she can pass on her powers to Cody. There really isn’t anything that Kerri won’t do for her son and that was what made this such a wonderful story.

As Nathan King gets more and more involved with Kerri and Cody, he starts to deal with the pain from the death of his own son years prior. King still feels some guilt from that tragic experience and it is in dealing with his guilt that he allows himself to want more out of life than just putting up high-priced condos and making millions in revenue. He starts to want Kerri and Cody too, and I think he was an integral part in teaching Kerri about wanting more from her life as well.

I haven’t come up with a rating system as of yet, but whether it be stars or thumbs, this book gets them all. A January 2008 release from HQN Books, Accidentally Yours is a novel that will touch your heart and make you believe in the power of love, not just that between a man and a woman but also the love between a mother and her child. And as with me, even if you don’t have children of your own, you will still be able to relate to this story through the bond you share with your own mother.

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  1. That is a nice first review. I don’t read many Harlequin romance novels anymore because I found many to be formulaic. This does not sound like that though. It sounds interesting and the part about supermarket makes me curious. I don’t know if I’ll read the book, but this review gives it a chance.

    Comment by scooper — March 13, 2008 @ 5:07 pm

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