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March 27, 2008

Review: Blue-Eyed Devil by Lisa Kleypas

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Sugar Daddy by Lisa Kleypas

Blue-Eyed Devil by Lisa Kleypas

Sugar Daddy

Lisa Kleypas

St. Martin’s Press

Released March 2007

Liberty Jones & Gage Travis

Blue-Eyed Devil

Lisa Kleypas

St. Martin’s Press

Released March 2008

Haven Travis & Hardy Cates

Last year, I had the fortune of picking up a copy of Lisa Kleypas’ first contemporary novel, “Sugar Daddy.” This was out of the norm for me as the book was first released as a hardcover novel. The price of everything is going up in our world and books are not spared. I tend to buy the paperbacks as they are more economical and easier to carry around with me in my purse. But there are a few authors that I will buy their hardcover novels such as Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Jennifer Crusie. But Lisa Kleypas? Sure, I had seen the name in passing but no work of hers had ever caught my attention. But one trip through Amazon’s upcoming romance titles, the reading of the back blurb, and a few clicks later the book was mine. And after reading “Sugar Daddy,” I immediately went online to Kleypas’ website to learn more about the wonderful novel. And to my other surprise and delight, I found that their would be a sequel. “Blue-Eyed Devil” was set to be released…in a year!

Well yesterday, that year ended as my pre-orderd copy of the novel was whisked to my door by my UPS man (and yes, he is mine; we’re very friendly because he comes here…a lot). I opened to page one and started devouring the novel as soon as I had removed it from the box. A little more than 24 hours later (yes, I had to get my daily shut-eye), I have read the last word and am hoping against all hope that Lisa Kleypas continues telling the stories of the very rich, very well-to-do Houston Travises.

“Blue-Eyed Devil” is the story of Haven Travis, the youngest of the Travis children and the only female child. Haven has always had it hard growing up the daughter of a rich girl, much to her chagrin. She could never please her mother, who died when she was fifteen, and never received the attention and love that was easily given to her three brothers: Gage, Joe, and Jack. But all of that changed when she went off to college and met, and fell in love with, Nick. Soon enough, she brought him home for approval from her family which never comes. But she marries him anyway and they move away to Dallas to begin their life together. Two years later Haven is back in Houston getting a divorce and seeing a shrink. The last thing she wants, or needs, is to run into Hardy Cates, the man with the piercing blue-eyed gaze that she had met years before at her brother and sister-in-law’s wedding.

Hardy’s life hasn’t been easy either. He grew up poor, one of a passel of children, and was always on the outside looking in to the life he wanted. But through hard work, determination, and sheer force of will, he is finally on the cusp of being welcomed at the door to the elite of Houston. But he has never forgotten Haven and the explosive meeting they had all those years ago. When life brings them full circle and Haven back within his grasp, Hardy isn’t going to let a good thing slip away twice. He’s a man who knows how to get what he wants and what he wants more than anything else is Haven Travis.

Can two people from such different walks of life come together to build one of their own? That is only part of the story that Kleypas tells in this wonderful new novel. As I already let you know, it was hard for me to put the book down. After a year of anticipating the release of this novel, I was hard pressed to savor it over a few days as I like to do for most of the romances I read. Both fast-paced and achingly, beautifully slow in places, “Blue-Eyed Devil” is a novel that will grab you from the first page and not let you go until the last word has been read.

As a reviewer, the challenge I am met with is giving you, the potential reader, enough about the story without ruining the good parts for when you read it for yourself. But every single part of this novel was a good part! One of the major plotlines of the novel revolves around Haven’s marriage to Nick and the subsequent divorce. For me, this is the part that wouldn’t let my eyes leave the pages. The story is told only through Haven’s point of view and as a reader, you will live every moment as if you are a part of her. Therefore, all her experiences become those of the reader. I was sobbing before page 100 and cried periodically throughout the novel, living as Haven did, going through the experiences she had, suffering alongside with her while regaining my sense of identity as she struggled to do.

But as important as that journey was, so too was the romance between these two scarred souls, Haven and Hardy. Hardy was actually a major character in “Sugar Daddy” and for a long time during that read, I longed for him and Liberty, the heroine of that novel, to be together. But I am more than glad that Liberty was introduced to Gage, Haven’s oldest brother, so that Hardy could be saved for Haven. These two are fire together. From their first meeting in a darkened wine room, they are hot, sexy, and sizzle right off the page. As their relationship grows throughout the novel, so does their passion for one another. So yes, I stayed along for those parts too! I am going to re-read this novel very soon and will probably skip to some of those more sensually erotic scenes first as even now they still are vivid in my memory and bring a curl of delight to my lips.

“Blue-Eyed Devil” is the best novel I have read this year. Okay, yes, it’s only March yet and there is ¾ of the year to go. But I loved it and can’t actually tell you how much without giving away many of the good parts. Lisa Kleypas has written a story that will ensnare readers who have the fortune, as I did, to pick up this novel. Haven and Hardy will become your friends as you journey with them through good and bad times. You will absolutely LOVE this novel, I guarantee it. Is it necessary for you to read “Sugar Daddy” before reading “Blue-Eyed Devil”? No. But I would recommend it as you get the full effect of the Travis family from things learned in the first novel. So go ahead. I dare you to pick up either novel and not fall in love with them!

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