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March 31, 2008

Review: Strike Zone by Kate Angell

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The first in Kate Angell’s BOYS OF SUMMER series, this novel includes three separate romances all revolving around players for the Richmond Rogues, a fictional Major League Baseball team. The couples are: Risk and Jacy; Zen and Stevie; Aaron and Natalie. Though Risk and Jacy are the main couple, the supporting romances get their fair share, making this one sexy novel that entertains from start to finish. And luckily, this is just a taste of more to come as thus far, three of the series novels are available for reader to enjoy! A good thing too as this novel left me hot and wanting more!

The second novel in the series is the story of the BAT PACK, the Rogues’ power hitters who stick together, on and off, the field. As each is suspending for fighting during a media day event, they go off and fall in love with their respective women. The romances are between: Psycho and Keely; Chase and Jen; Romeo and Emerson. Each story held its on and served to keep the romance fresh and interesting. And as always, readers continue to learn about new Rogues’ players and by the end of the book, you will definitely be waiting for the next release in the series

The latest in Angell’s BOYS OF SUMMER series, “Strike Zone” really focuses on two romances, both featuring pitchers from the team who are dating sisters (lucky girls). Bret and Taylor as well as Sloan and Eve will keep you turning the pages of this novel as their stories are captivating, funny in all the right places, series when the need calls, and sexy in most of the remaining ones. Read the review below to find out more about “Strike Zone.”


What could possibly be better than watching sexy men in tight pants partake in America’s favorite pastime? Well reading about it, of course! And in author Kate Angell’s sexy Boys of Summer series, readers can do just that.

The latest novel, released April 1st, is entitled “Strike Zone.” It is the story of pitcher Brek Stryker and thrill seeker adventuress Taylor Hannah. The two were once inseparable, burning the sheets hotter than the midday sun and destined to live life to the fullest…together. But when Taylor was supposed to show for their wedding, she bailed out for another adventure, leaving Stryke high and dry and breaking his heart too. Three years later at the top of a mountain, Taylor finds out from her sister, Eve, that Bret is engaged to be married. The knowledge causes her to get hurt on her way down but nothing is going to stop her from seeing her former fiance, and if she is honest with herself the man she still loves, one last time. But Bret isn’t as eager to see Taylor. Thus begins their back and forth as they struggle to overcome their past in order to have some shot at a future together.

What’s great about the novels in Angell’s series is that there is always more than one romance to be told. The first two novels, Squeeze Play and Curveball, each had three stories. Strike Zone only had two, but I enjoyed it no less as more time was given to each to flourish and grow. The second romance in “Strike Zone” starred Taylor’s more reserved sister, Eve, and relief pitcher Sloan McCaffrey. In the beginning, Sloan goes after Taylor as she is the first of the two to catch his attention and he has no knowledge of Taylor’s prior involvement with his starter Bret. But upon meeting Eve, while trying to get closer to Taylor still, the sparks fly and the attraction is immediate…at least, on his part. Eve proves a challenge for Sloan as she is repelled by the man that seeks to win her sister. But slowly, she begins to warm up to Sloan and the two begin a courtship that is sweet, funny, and very, very sexy.

And that’s another thing about these novels. All three of them are just so sexy! The dialogue between the characters is teasing and suggestive, but enough to get your heart racing just a little faster as you wonder what will happen next. All the heroes are baseball players and so they each know they are to die for, some more so than others, but that sex appeal is often only one of the weapons used to win over their lady love. And as good as the players give to their women (and believe me, they give it very well) the heroines are able to give right back. But the sexiness in these novels is innate. Its sensually delightful without being crass or overly descriptive. Its just a natural flow of attraction between male and female that lends a lot to the readers’ and doesn’t demand that your respond but rather coaxes a smile, a shiver, or a sigh for just how beautifully written it as.

With another Boys of Summer series novel already in the works (entitled “Sliding Home”) fans can rest assured that they will get more of what they crave in these delicious novels. Kate Angell definitely hit another one out of the park (she’s probably sick of that saying by now, but it fits quite well) with “Strike Zone.” The novel is going on my keeper shelf beside its comrades as I wait impatiently for the next novel to be released, which I feel is the only bad thing about this series: the author cannot write the books fast enough!

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