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April 17, 2008

Review: Danger’s Kiss by Sara McKerrigan

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Danger's Kiss by Sarah McKerrigan

I read to experience different times and places. There is nothing like reading a good story that takes you away from everyday life and everyday situations. “Danger’s Kiss” by Sarah McKerrigan delivers on all accounts. The story starts out in Canterbury England in the year 1250.

Desiree Kabayn has learned from the best. At thirteen, her parents sold her to a common thief Hubert Kabayn for the money. In the six years that have passed, she has learned the skills needed to be a great pickpocket, scam artist, and to use any other dishonest way she can get money from other people’s pockets into her own. Life with Hubert hasn’t been easy. He is abusive and often cruel at times but he is the only person she can rely on. So she is surprised when he sends her off on a wild goose chase, only to discover when she returns that he is about to be hanged for murder right before her very eyes. Watching him hang from the gallows, Desiree vows to clear his name and avenge his death.

Nicolas Grimshaw enforces the law. As the local shire-reeve, he has the difficult job of hunting down the truth from criminals. Known by the locals as the grim reaper, he is often accused to using unconventional methods to get a confession or to solve a case. Loathed and feared because of the title he holds, people make a wide girth around him when they see him coming. When Nicolas watches over Hubert Kabayn the night before his execution, Hubert makes the lawman promise to watch over and take care of his “granddaughter” Desiree. As he supervises the execution of Hubert, Nicolas can’t shake the feeling that they are executing the wrong man.

Blinded by grief and revenge, Desiree blames Nicolas for Hubert’s execution. She follows Nicolas home with intention of killing him. So when she sneaks upon Nicolas and attacks him, he is at first surprised by the assault by the beautiful young woman determined on doing him bodily damage. He soon figures out that this is the woman he has promised to look out for. So instead of arresting her for the assault, he restrains her and takes her to the graveyard to help her lay Hubert to rest. Desiree is shocked when she sees that Nicolas isn’t the monster she thought he was. She is astounded by his help burying Hubert and his offer of money to get her through the winter. Angry and stubborn, she throw Nicolas’ money in his face and leaves.

When Nicolas comes across Desiree six days later, participating in an illegal game, he practically blackmails her to be his servant. Furious that he is making her serve him, she does some very funny things to get even with him. As the days pass she realizes that Nicolas is a good man, albeit a lonely one. As their relationship grows, she asks Nicolas for his help finding the real killer and clearing Hubert’s name.

Watching Desiree and Nicolas go from enemies to friends was amazing. Desiree and Nicolas have trust issues and both are flawed characters who evolve throughout the book. It was interesting to see how Desiree and Nicolas come together and learn to bring out the best in each other.

Will they come together and find the real killer? With a well thought out plot and a cast of interesting characters, as well as a very evil villain, McKerrigan’s “Danger’s Kiss” was a very fast, enjoyable read.

Reviewed by Shellie


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