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April 17, 2008

Review: Wicked Pleasure by Lora Leigh

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Wicked Pleasure by Lora Leigh

If you haven’t read a book by Lora Leigh then you’re obviously not an erotica fan. Her romances feature incredibly hot Alpha males <<gasping and fanning myself vigorously>> and the women they capture. If scenes of explicit sex and/or ménage situations offend you, then you will want to just enjoy the cover picture of Ms. Leigh’s latest novel, and her second mainstream release, in the Wicked series entitled “Wicked Pleasure.”

I love the background for these novels. The Club outside Washington D.C. is a long-standing and extremely private organization. Its members share a certain notoriety that comes from being Fortune 500 CEOs, congressmen, and other famous movers and shakers. Its members also share the need to engage in sexual ménage activities with their female lovers/wives. Therein the extreme secrecy attached to The Club. Members sign confidentiality agreements and The Club has a ‘punitive committee’ composed of very powerful individuals who can and will ruin anyone betraying their secrets financially, socially, and politically if needed. However, The Club is more than just a sex club; it’s also a social setting for like-minded men. Women only gain admission as ‘guests’ of members. Our heroine, Jaci Wright, has recently been hired to do some decorating renovations to the interior of The Club.

Cameron and Chase Falladay are identical twins in charge of security for The Club. The story of why these two sometimes need to share a woman is slowly revealed throughout the novel. They are also members of The Club and have been waiting for Jaci for seven years. Waiting for her to acknowledge her own needs and accept what they need from her. Now that her new job has put her within reach, Cam is done with waiting. He knew she was ‘the one’ for him from the time he was 18 and she was 13. He left for the military at 18 and returned home wounded in both body and spirit. He is tormented by memories, anger, and dark lusts…but more than anything, he’s tormented by the thought of losing Jaci.

Jaci has her own problems and issues. She’s managed to make some pretty powerful enemies and is torn by her love for, and need to protect, Cam. She doesn’t understand why he needs to share her with his brother. This ‘unnatural desire’ is what scared her away seven years ago. But now, this time, she feels smarter and stronger. Surely she can make Cam, and only Cam, her own. Her efforts to tame Cam, and sometimes Chase, and her struggles to be independent and solve her own problems without relying on Cam drive him nuts!

These two (okay three) certainly have a lot of issues to iron out. The intense love scenes and powerfully erotic power struggles are part and parcel of the story. I have been a fan of Ms. Leigh’s books since I read my first e-book by her. “Wicked Pleasure” is yet another of her stories that will have a spot on my keeper shelf.


Reviewed by Julie


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