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April 17, 2008

Review: Wild for Him by Janelle Denison

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Wild for Him by Janelle Denison

I would like to share that I read to escape. When I come home from a hard day’s work, and the family is in an uproar, there is nothing better than to lose myself in a good book! I love it when the hero and heroine not only fall in love, but they also LIKE one another. When they enjoy being with and trusting each other and a little suspense and danger are added in, that combination makes for a great book! Janelle Denison‘s “Wild for Him” fit that bill easily! I found myself anxiously pouring through this novel and admittedly was sorry when the story came to a close. Luckily, I will have Christine and Ben’s novel on my bookshelf where I can visit their story anytime I want.

Christine Delacroix is a woman coming into her own. Being raised in a political family, with parents who no longer love one another, she has been brought up into a world of glamour and wealth. Always being down to earth and approachable to others, she is not only a well-liked member of the community but also a well respected one. Recently breaking up with a deceitful boyfriend, she is enjoying her new-found freedom and running her own business. So she is shocked when her father tells her she must have a bodyguard, until the upcoming gubernatorial election in three weeks time, because of threats to the family. She is pleasantly surprised when she realizes it is her friend Ben, whom she has always been very attracted too, who will be protecting her.

Ben Cabrera is a security agent and tough ex-marine. A veteran of the war in Iraq, he is haunted by the memories that he would have rather left behind there. As a partner of ESS, Elite Security Specialists, his main goal is to keep people safe but also to do his job while remaining at a distance from the client. So when his friend and gubernatorial candidate Nathan Delacroix requests his services to protect his daughter, Ben knows he is the best man to keep Christine safe. His only concern is the budding attraction that he and Christine have for one another. Determined to keep the job on a professional level, Ben struggles against both his awakening feelings and the sexual attraction he feels for Christine.

Being with Christine 24/7 forces Ben see Christine as the warm, loving person that she is. More threats against Christine’s life bring her closer to greater danger. He is determined to find out who is behind the threats and to keep the one woman he allows into his heart safe. It was also fun re-visiting with past characters from Denison’s other Wilde novels (Born to Be Wilde, Too Wilde to Tame). The easy bantering and camaraderie between all of the characters make this a very enjoyable read.

Ben and Christine’s chemistry is sizzling from page one! Ben’s reluctance to get involved with a woman who comes from such a different background than his own, and watching him learn to trust and love Christine, was blissful. Their easy rapport and sexual attraction is thrilling as it grows and develops throughout the book. Christine’s eagerness to fight and break down the walls Ben keeps around his heart, forcing him to open up to her, was a wonder to read. There are some very funny moments as well as some heartfelt ones. I truly loved watching Ben and Christine grow from being friends to lovers as it was an exciting and beautiful thing to see.


Reviewed by Shellie


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