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April 21, 2008

Review: One Wrong Step by Laura Griffin

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One Wrong Step by Laura Griffin

Last fall, author Laura Griffin exploded onto the romantic suspense scene with her debut novel “One Last Breath.” I must admit, it was a lark that had me picking up that novel and reading it. But I was pleasantly surprised to find a fast-paced, suspense-packed read in “One Last Breath,” and was eagerly awaiting the follow-up novel, “One Wrong Step,” which hits bookstore shelves April 29th.

“One Wrong Step” follows the story of Cecilia “Celie” Wells, who played a supporting role in Griffin’s previous novel. Celie has moved to Austin to begin a new life after finding out her ex-husband, Robert, was smuggling money from drug lord Manuel Saledo. When Celie ends up finding the hidden money in her things, she uses part of it to fund her quest to become a mother via IVF treatments. But Saledo is not a man to be messed with and wants his money back, going so far as to murder Celie’s ex to retrieve the stolen currency. This is how reporter John McAllister finds out that he and Celie, the woman he never had but always wanted, are living in the same town. When he goes to see her, he finds a woman distraught over the death of her ex being interrogated by the FBI, who is also looking for the stolen money in hopes that it will lead them to Saledo.

There were many players in this story, which I always love. I think it is great to focus on the main characters, but supporting characters always add to the depth of a story. It is especially great to read about Feenie and Marco, the main characters from “One Last Breath,” and how they are now fairing with a child of their own. And just like her first novel, “One Wrong Step” proves to be equally as engaging as I loathed putting the novel down, wanting to finish the story and find out if Celie and John could prevail against all the hurdles placed in the way of their relationship. They do, but getting to that end takes the reader through some very frightening situations, mostly for Celie, and even when you feel that everything has worked out for the best, new dangers still lurk in the shadows for the heroine. Celie is a strong woman to go through everything she in the past year and still be able to reach out and give to others as she does through her job with a shelter for abused women and children. And John, her hero, is quick to pick up on this and admires her much in the same way I came to as the novel progressed.

The relationship between Celie and John was something that had to be built throughout the novel. Celie is just getting out of a bad relationship and John is a playboy, moving from one woman to the next. The two had a lot of trust issues they had to deal with as there were lies told by both parties which caused further bumps in the road to happily ever after. And though I wouldn’t say their romance was blatantly sexual as some others I have read, it was just as much powerful in its intensity as both Celie and John have been attracted to each other even before meeting up in Austin. In some novels, not having a strong romance can kill the story as it is that, a romance. But Griffin writes her romances with just enough heat to keep the reader turning the pages. There were the beginnings of a secondary romance between an FBI agent and a female reporter that I hope is explored later in another novel as I very intrigued by the attraction that budded between them.

Griffin has more than proved that she is a force to be reckoned with in the world of romantic suspense novels. “One Wrong Step” is a sexy and thrilling novel that will keep readers turning the pages until they know all is right with its star characters Celie and John. I look forward to reading Laura Griffin’s next novel, “Thread of Fear,” which is to be released this October. It is not related to this series but rather begins a new suspense-filled one that is connected by heroines who are sisters.


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