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April 22, 2008

Review: Not Another Bad Date by Rachel Gibson

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Not Another Bad Date by Rachel Gibson

When I pick up a Rachel Gibson novel, I know that I am in for a treat! Her characters are always funny and heartfelt and quite honestly, she writes about people that I would like to be friends with. “Not Another Bad Date” is no exception! It starts off with a bang and never let up throughout the novel. I literally devoured it in one day. I put off housework and lazed around the house until I finished it from cover to cover.

Devon Hamilton-Zemaitis is having a beautiful funeral. Buried in her expensive, stylish suit and perfectly coiffed hair, she is dismayed when instead of going straight to Heaven, she must endure a purgatory of sorts to make right some wrongs she has done in her life. She is asked to give a wish to help one person she has wronged. But when Devon is shown she must help Adele, whom she has always gone out of her way to torment throughout high school and college, Devon spitefully wishes that all of Adele’s dates end badly.

Adele doesn’t understand why perfectly nice men end up saying the strangest things to her on dates. From offers of a threesome to telling her she has a big butt, she doesn’t understand why suddenly she brings out the worst in men. When Adele’s pregnant sister becomes hospitalized, Adele is asked to stay with her teenage niece. Reluctantly she returns to her hometown in Texas, where she discovers her first love Zach Zemaitis, ex-professional football star, is now coaching high school football. Horrified, she tries to avoid Zach at all costs but when her niece and Zach’s daughter become friends and are on the same dance team, she finds herself in Zach’s company several times a week. As they are forced into each other’s company they discover that the feelings they once had for one another is still there. But, will Devon ever let go of her hatred for Adele and let them find happiness?

I love a great reunion/lost love story! I found myself wanting to strangle Devon at times! I rooted for Zach and Adele, and got an interesting take on Devon’s afterlife. I thoroughly enjoyed watching all of the characters evolve in this book. From Zach’s mistrust of women to Adele’s leeriness of getting involved with Zach again. Even Devon comes around to doing the right thing! It was so much fun to read! In “Not Another Bad Date,” Rachel Gibson tells a heartfelt, sweet story that you won’t be able to put down. I know I didn’t.


Reviewed by Shellie


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