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April 22, 2008

Review: Tall Tales and Wedding Veils by Jane Graves

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Tall Tales and Wedding Veils by Jane Graves

“Tall Tales and Wedding Veils” is the sixth single-title contemporary release from Jane Graves and my first read by her. I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of the characters she brought to life so well. Most of the book takes place in Plano, Texas, with some crucial scenes in Vegas. Her characters stay true to their nature through it all, growing and learning so they can finally get to their happily ever after. As I read the book…I smiled, I laughed out loud, I sniffled a bit, and then I finished with a big ole grin on my face. Bravo and well done to Ms Graves.

Heather Montgomery is a planner, an accountant, organized, and goes by-the-book. She’s happy, well-adjusted, has a good job and a 401K. Heather’s looking for a neat, caring, well-dressed, intelligent man with a good sense of humor—she’s definitely not interested in a good time guy like Tony at the bar. She really just wants to be finished with her cousin Regina’s wedding. Petite, blonde, catty, social-climbing Regina purposefully ordered Heather’s dress a size smaller than needed—just to make size 14 Heather diet before her high-society wedding with the ugliest, salmoniest, trendiest bridesmaid dresses on earth! Oh well, at least Heather gets the free trip to Vegas! She figures just watching the airhead blonde bridesmaid posse should be entertaining. It’s just one weekend, what could go wrong?

Tony McCaffrey is a social, sexy, fun-loving, good time player. He likes his women blonde, busty, and not too bright. He’s got all the female company a bachelor could ask for and only has to smile to get all the sex he wants…the perfect single man’s life. And it just gets better–he’s found his dream job. He’s buying a bar! Just three more days and a $20K loan from his friend and the bar will be all his. Ah, the perfect life. Until his friend’s wife balks and he’s suddenly short the cash he needs for closing. The only solution he can think of is a quick trip to Vegas and praying for luck. What’s the worst that can happen?

Heather’s accountant brain understands odds quite well; she’s just not into gambling. Until these two meet in Vegas and Heather recognizes Tony, although he certainly hasn’t ever noticed her. He’s down on his luck and ready to quit when Heather decides to help him out. One thing leads to another and they wake up the next morning…together…MARRIED!

This book is packaged as a lighter romance and it does have a lot of clever and witty dialogue. The plot flowed well and there were no jarring transitions in mood or tone. The interaction between the hero and heroine, and the growth in their relationship were believable and true to form. I’ve certainly picked up some singular ideas on harmless revenge for thoughtless behavior by the male of the species!

The book does contain some fairly steamy sex scenes. I enjoyed Heather’s awakening sensuality and how the author used these sexual encounters to reveal Tony’s sensitive side and the couple’s increasing bond. There was no ‘jumping into the sack’ between these two. The decision to increase their intimacy was deliberate and conscious. They each had personal issues to work through, both together and alone. Learning to look beneath the masks we all wear in our public persona is a hard and painful process. Following these two through their journey was sometimes poignant and sometimes humorous. I think every romance novel tells of a journey; from quick, wild rides to long, leisurely sails. In “Tall Tales and Wedding Veils” I certainly enjoyed the trip.


Reviewed by Julie


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