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May 5, 2008

Review: Hot Date by Amy Garvey

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Hot Date by Amy Garvey

Hmmm, why do we read romance? Is it for the HEA (happily ever after)? I think at least partially so because I certainly don’t want the hero or heroine to live ‘unhappily ever after.’ Maybe it’s the sex and/or sexual tension? Yeah, I certainly enjoy that too. But I also think we like to see how two people who think so differently (after all, men are from Mars and we are from Venus!) manage to find ways to cross that communication gap and learn to (under)stand each other! I want the characters I read to be flawed, interesting, and entertaining…and Amy Garvey delivers on all fronts with her latest, “Hot Date.”

Grace Lamb is definitely an interesting heroine. She also has her share of character flaws: she’s impulsive, quick to start things but slow to finish, always seems to be in trouble, needs rescuing…at least that’s how Grace believes others see her. She’s returned to her home town broke, jobless, and divorced. She, of course, prefers to think of it as another new start. The problem is, most everybody in town is determined to ‘help’ her when Grace wants nothing more than to take care of things herself. Okay…maybe she also wants Nick Griffin. I mean, Holy Cow! Who knew her brother’s childhood buddy would grow up into that?

Nick Griffin needs to fix things. He became the man of the house at just 12 years of age when his dad left. He became a caretaker then and he’s just never stopped. Now at 35, he fulfills his role by keeping the peace as a local cop, taking care of the whole town. Nick’s life is finally his own. His Mom is cozily retired and his sisters are married with their own protectors. Now he can finally leave Wrightsville and move somewhere with real crime where he can make a real difference. But wait…who’ll take care of Grace? And why is he suddenly having lustful cravings for his childhood buddy’s little pest of a sister? And why is he all of a sudden doing all these impetuous, crazy things? ARGH, his Mom is dating, he’s dealing with the mob, and he’s sleeping with Grace…what’s happened to his life?!

I so enjoy a book that keeps me smiling. Now, I read many different genres of romance, according to my mood (and Quentin!), and this book is perfect for a day by the pool or at the beach, when you want to laugh, giggle, sigh, and smile!! The small-town setting is perfect for this tale of coming-home-to-find-what-you-thought-you-had-to-leave-to-get. Or maybe it’s what might happen when we finally grow up (kicking and screaming in my case) and realize that what we see as flaws in ourselves may actually be assets to others. That nobody is perfect and really, who would want to be married to someone who was? That acting as a couple means playing on the strengths of each other instead of just relying on yourself…and that’s NOT necessarily a bad thing!

Ms. Garvey writes with bubbly wit. Her dialogue and pacing are perfect for this type of tale and her sense of humor shines through without being overly sarcastic or inappropriate. Keep in mind that this is a Kensington BRAVA imprint, so the sex is pretty hot without stretching even a fingertip into erotica. Each interaction between the main and secondary characters (and there are some great ones) moves the storyline along and one of the secondary characters even finds his own romance (WARNING! The secondary romance is between two men, but there are no sex scenes beyond kissing. If this will offend you, don’t get the book!). I, myself, had a blast reading and chuckling my way through “Hot Date.” So, if you’re looking for a romance without danger or intrigue and a good bit of humor, I suggest you run out and pick this one up…you won’t regret it!


Reviewed by Julie


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