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May 8, 2008

Review: Cutting Loose by Susan Andersen

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Cutting Loose by Susan Andersen

Okay, I should probably just go ahead and fess up. I’m a sucker for the whole ‘trilogy’ thing. Even though I know some of the story going in: there’s going to be one smart heroine, one shy one, and one really gorgeous one. There will be some thread that binds them together whether it’s school, home life situation, work together…whatever. I still love ‘em, can’t get enough of ‘em. I read the first one, and assuming it’s any good, I put the other two on my wish list right away. Now, if you’ve read other works by Susan Andersen, it shouldn’t be any surprise that after reading “Cutting Loose”, I’ve already put her next one “Bending the Rules,” coming in summer 2009, on my auto-buy list!

In this first book of the “Sisterhood Diaries”, Andersen does a great job setting the background for this new series. We meet all three of the women, get an overview of their stories, and a bang-up job on setting the stage for book two. (I’m pretty sure I caught a glimpse of the next ‘hero’ and he’s already got my senses tingling!) But, back to basics—the first heroine is the smart one, Jane. Jane’s a little, okay a lot, repressed. However she has a good reason! Her home life growing up an only child taught her to be afraid of passion. I cracked up when I read Jane’s description of her parents, “…stars of the Battling Bickertons’ Always Amazing Traveling Road Show.” No doubt about it, Jane took her stage actor parents’ unintentional lessons to heart and doesn’t allow herself to get passionate about anything except her work. Whatever will she do when she discovers that sometimes real passion doesn’t allow for any control at all?

Our hero, Devlin, on the other hand, grew up in the midst of a huge Irish Catholic brood. His efforts to escape the constant lack of privacy led him to take on the life of a wanderer, crewing on yachts all over the world. Recently, his older brother’s illness has brought him home to Seattle to help out in the family construction business. Although he and Jane are instantly attracted, their initial meeting is considerably less than auspicious. She thinks he’s a drunk and he thinks she’s a judgmental snot! Of course we all know they’ll soon be together, and Ms. Andersen’s flowing plot and pacing make their journey a smooth sail indeed.

I enjoyed the richness of the scenery for this story. I also learned a bit about curating museum exhibits and the fascinating array of objects that modern museums showcase. It ain’t just paintings anymore folks! I was also drawn into the hints of mystery and possible danger scattered throughout the plot. The author’s handling of the lead and secondary character’s motivations were extremely believable and by golly, her ability to write sensual, passionate, and yet, still mainstream acceptable love scenes is exceptional. I think my husband will be VERY happy with me! As I think back over this story, there are still several scenes that stick in my head…and when it’s all said and done, isn’t that what makes a cracking good read?


Reviewed by Julie


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