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May 9, 2008

Review: The One I Want by Nancy Warren

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The One I Want by Nancy Warren

Do you like Texas? I’ll admit sometimes I find it hilarious when an author who has never set foot in the great Republic of Texas tries to use it as the setting for a book. Now, those of us who can lay claim to the great Republic of Texas know that it’s a fantastic place and Texans are a special breed, and that everybody really wishes they could be just like us! So when I realized that Nancy Warren’s latest offering “The One I Want” was actually set in Austin, I had to give it a looksee. Okay, back to regular English.

What happens when a spoiled British ‘princess’ meets a good ole’ Texas boy? Mayhem, that’s what. Chloe is the well-heeled daughter of a genuine British peer. She is very good at: shopping, trying new careers, shopping, getting engaged, shopping, partying, and breaking engagements. So when Mummy and Daddy refuse to foot the bills for any more of her exploits, she’s not too sure how she can support herself. When one of friends jokingly suggests she start a business helping people break up with their significant others (as apparently she’s helped several friends do so), she decides to move to America and open “The Breakup Artist”. Since her cash flow is a bit err…strained, she picks Austin, Texas. Austin will never be the same!

When Matthew was injured in the line of duty, he fell back on his manual skills by buying, selling, and sometimes renting the houses he repairs. He’s definitely not quite sure what to make of his new next-door-neighbor and tenant. She talks and dresses like a princess, works very odd hours, and receives envelopes with large amounts of cash. He thinks she’s a gorgeous, high-class hooker. She thinks he’s a sexy Texan. When he uses a visit to her house to hide from his ‘intended’, the game is on.

This is actually a book about three or four different relationships. There’s Matthew and his ‘intended’ (who, of course, is all wrong for him…just ask Chloe), Chloe and Matthew, Chloe’s secretary and her stalker boyfriend, Chloe’s secretary and Matthew’s friend, Chloe’s secretary’s psychologist and her significant other, Matthew’s friend and Chloe’s secretary’s psychologist, and Chloe’s secretary’s psychologist’s significant other and his ‘new’ friend. Are you confused yet? It’s not as complicated as it looks though. Each of these relationships have positives and negatives and each of the individuals have to work their way through some ups and downs before they end up with the right one for them. And through it all, we can see Chloe’s unorthodox, yet bang on, gentle steering.

I found myself wrapped up in these relationships. I also found myself wanting to give these people a helping word of advice…”No, not him, HIM.” The snappy repartee between Chloe and Matthew kept me grinning and what Chloe subjects herself to in order to become a Texas cowgirl will have me laughing every single time I think of it. So, after reading “The One I Want” by Nancy Warren, you’ll have to let me sign off with a tally ho and a yee-ha!


Reviewed by Julie


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