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May 12, 2008

Review: Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife by Kate Walker

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Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife by Kate Walker

Harlequins are my dirty little secret. I admit I love them. Sometimes I just don’t want to get engrossed in a long story. I just want something short and sweet, so when I had the opportunity to read and review Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife by Kate Walker, I was pretty pumped up about it.

Raul and Alannah have a past together. Broken up by misunderstandings and lack of trust, neither have gotten over each other. When tragedy brings them together a couple of years later, both are shocked to see that even though they have anger and resentment for each other, they also have feelings of unrequited love and passion that is under the surface trying to break free.

I liked this book, but it could have been so much better. It definitely had some interesting moments in it. Raul is definitely a sexy Latin hero that kept me interested throughout the book. Alannah is a stubborn, strong heroine in her own right. I did find myself rooting for them to stop the arguing and find their way back together again.

But my complaint about Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife is that it uses a very common storyline without much originality to it. I felt like I had read this story before, many times over. There is the “big misunderstanding” in the plot that kept Raul and Alannah apart. They also argued a lot and nothing really got resolved until the very last pages of the book. I would have liked to have seen them have some funny moments together, maybe even some kinder words to one another would have made me feel like they connected on more than an angry/physical level. There were times I wondered if they really even liked one another, they were so distrustful of each other, but in the end it worked out. I also kept hoping for some element of surprise but none ever came.

However, it was a quick and easy read. If you are looking for a book with a pretty basic storyline with an interesting hero, this book is definitely for you. I still enjoyed it and I look forward to reading more of Kate Walker’s books in the future.

For more information about Kate Walker and her other works try http://eromancewriters.com/AuthorInfo.cfm?authorID=1212


Reviewed by Shellie


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