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May 15, 2008

Review: Nights in Black Leather by Noelle Mack

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Nights in Black Leather by Noelle Mack

When I started Nights in Black Leather by Noelle Mack, I noticed that my house was pretty cool inside. So, I bundled up in my favorite quilt and started to read. As I continued to get into the story the house became quite warm, so kicked off the quilt and turned down the air conditioner. When my husband came home, he immediately started complaining about how freezing the house was. I never noticed. That, to me, means I have just read a very HOT book! A steamy relationship, some suspense and a smart hero and heroine in my opinion is the definition of a good read. Nights in Black Leather is the total package.

Lara Stone has never been accused of being chic. Traveling to London on a work visa, she becomes very aware of the differences between her cheap suit and broken down shoes, then suddenly being surrounded by women who wear thousand dollar suits with expensive shoes and accessories to match. But no matter how shabby and “American“ her wardrobe is, she is a woman on a mission. Her employer is wanting to wipe out competing companies. He needs inside information on the business practices of Adam Bowlin’s company and has insisted she be the informant. Because her debts have gotten out of control, she reluctantly agrees to try to land the job and get insider information. Being hurt in the past, it is not easy for her to trust others. She plans on keeping any relationships she develops on the job strictly professional. But she doesn’t count on Adam Bowlin being so attractive and everything she has ever wanted in a man. Unfortunately, he seems to be as taken with her as she is with him. How will she ever deceive him?

Adam Bowlin has worked himself up the corporate ladder. He has poured his life’s blood into his company and runs it like a well oiled machine. Coming out of a bad divorce and several bad relationships, he tries to remain optimistic about finding a woman who is smart, funny, attractive and shares the same darker desires he has in the bedroom. When he meets and interviews Lara he feels an immediate connection and becomes determined to win her over and have a relationship with her.

There is strong sexual content in this book. They play a virtual game that Adam has discovered and is thinking of investing in. In this game, they can live out just about any sexual fantasy they have. There is some Female/Female/Male interaction during one of these fantasies. Also, Adam and Lara practice some light BDSM foreplay. There is strong language and a lot of sex in this novel. If these things are offensive to you, this is not the book for you.

Don’t get me wrong Nights in Black Leather is not all about sex. There are some very funny moments between Adam and Lara. Adam is truly a sexy, stubborn dominating hero that I really enjoyed reading about. Lara is well matched for him. She is stubborn at times and I wanted to shake her and scream “wake up woman” a few times throughout the book, but I enjoyed the way their relationship blossomed and the chemistry they have for one another sizzles!

Nights in Black Leather is Noelle Mack’s second installment in the Nights series. The first book is called Nights in Black Satin. You do not have to read the first book to understand this series. This book is definitely a stand alone book. But, I am looking forward to reading her third installment of this series called Nights in Black Lace that is due out in September of 2008.


Reviewed by Shellie


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