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May 16, 2008

Review: Red-Hot and Royal by Susanna Carr

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Red-Hot and Royal by Susanna Carr

It’s always fascinating to read intertwined stories and “Red-Hot and Royal” by Susanna Carr is a delightful offering of three red-hot princes who each find the perfect woman in the most unexpected places. Ms. Carr does a grand job of providing each of her characters with distinct personalities. No cookie-cutter heroes here. Her heroines are also unusual in true fairytale manner as none of them fit the generic princess mold.

Lauren has given up on dreams. Her goals in life are safe, staid, and reliable until, in an effort to fulfill a dead friend’s dreams, she agrees to kiss a prince and runs headlong into Prince Zain. Zain has come to America’s heartlands to escape a prophecy that says the woman who kisses him at midnight on his 30th birthday is destined to be his bride. He’s tired of running from all the women trying to be close enough to fulfill the prophecy. Then he spies Lauren dancing, their eyes meet, and he is drawn to her like a moth to the flame. When Lauren unknowingly fulfills the prophecy, Zain expects to snap his fingers, be married, and continue on with his life. Unfortunately for Zain, the prophecy said nothing about how to ensure the woman is willing to be his bride!

Shayla is a dreamer who’ll do anything to advance the cause of true love. When Prince Luca asks for her assistance in hoodwinking his older brother, Crown Prince Rafael, she’s glad to assist. The plan is to make her appear such an awful choice for a princess that Luca’s real girlfriend will be imminently more acceptable. After all, it always works in the books and movies Shayla is addicted to, right? Apparently, none of her reference works explain what to do when Shayla and Rafael meet and the sparks are so hot the pages almost catch fire!

Kylee has left her wild-child days behind. Now she’s buttoned-up, proper, and just the woman to tame Prince Santos. She’s been hired as his image consultant, but their battle of wills quickly becomes a battle to keep their passions within the bounds of propriety. Is becoming Prince Charming the only way to Kylee’s heart?

I did enjoy reading all three stories. At times, it was a little difficult to keep up with each one as each story is broken up by the others. Those of us with short attention spans may have to exert a little more effort to keep everyone straight. Ms. Carr writes passionate, sensual love scenes that manage to stay just this side of erotic. Her heroes and heroines are consistent in acting in character throughout. At around 100 trade-sized pages for each story, these whirlwind romances still didn’t seem too rushed, even when the attraction between characters was immediate and strong.

As the heat of summer begins, this would be a great book to read while lounging on the beach or beside the pool. The cover is sure to garner attention and the reader will need to make sure she has a tall, cold glass of liquid to cool down. If you enjoy strong heroines, hot and scrumptious heroes, and heat with your romance, then “Red-Hot and Royal” by Susanna Carr is sure to be a summer sensation!


Reviewed by Julie


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