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May 19, 2008

Review: Lover’s Bite by Maggie Shayne

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Lover's Bite by Maggie Shayne

I love to sink my teeth into a paranormal romance. I am a sucker for the dark, dangerous, sexy characters, and the life (undead or not) that they live. I believe as a fellow paranormal romance junkie, we demand a well written world of vampires and shape-shifters. Weave in some well placed magic and we are instantly intrigued. Between the well written characters and intriguing storyline, Lover’s Bite by Maggie Shayne delivers on all accounts.

First, I would like to point out that this is the second book in the series. In the first book, Demon’s Kiss, we learn about a mixed group of paranormal beings called “The Chosen.” Each character is complex and has skeletons in their past that they have to overcome. They are led by Reaper, who he himself has issues he is working to get through. The clan depends on each other, even though they definitely have trust issues with one another. Lover’s Bite pretty much begins quickly where Demon’s Kiss ended.

Topaz is a vampire seeking the truth of her mother’s death. Her famous mother, Mirabella, was gunned down in front of an adoring crowd and her body stolen, leaving Topaz with unanswered questions and an unhappy existence for many years. There is the question of her paternal father, who she has no idea who he is, plus someone seems to be threatening her life as she gets closer to the truth. Hurt and betrayed by just about everyone in her mortal and her immortal life, she is driven to find out the truth about her mother and the mystery that surrounds her life and death.

Jack is a thief and a liar. A vampire who has been unloved and uncared for most of his existence and therefore, he has learned to con people to survive. When he betrayed Topaz by pretending he had feelings for her, he then fled with her inheritance and without a second glance. For the first time, he becomes plagued by a guilty conscience. He finds himself not being able to spend the money he took from her. Tired of feeling horrible about his actions, he decides he must have Topaz’s forgiveness and sets out to win her trust by appointing himself to help her find out the truth about her past.

I really liked both Topaz and Jack. Topaz has been used by people who just have wanted her for her money, so she is an understandably leery of others. She tries to hate Jack but the love she has for him will not allow her to do so. She is a determined, strong-willed heroine who I found myself rallying behind as she sought the truth about her past. Jack is a pretty complex character within himself. He denies strong feelings for Topaz but is so guilt ridden about his deception towards her, so he works hard to gain her trust and to revive the affection she had towards him. They are very well developed and watching their relationship change from mistrust and betrayal to trust and acceptance was wonderful to read.

There are many well written characters in this book. It sets up the background for the next book in this series and I found myself being interested in all of “The Chosen” characters in this story. There is a lot of suspense and mystery as well as action, well written dialogue, and character development. I do not think you have to read the first book, Demon’s Kiss, to understand the world of “The Chosen” but I do think it would be helpful and easier to understand their world and where the characters are coming from having read the first novel in the series. 

Maggie Shayne is truly a talented writer. She makes you care about her characters and impatiently wait to see the outcome of their lives. I truly enjoyed Lover’s Bite and I am looking forward to the next book in the series, Angel’s Pain. For more information about this series and other Maggie Shayne books, visit her web site at www.maggieshayne.com as it is very informative. Plus, she has a great mini video of the first book in this series, Demon’s Kiss, that is very fun and sexy!


Reviewed by Shellie


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