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May 19, 2008

Review: SEALed with a Kiss by Mary Margret Daughtridge

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SEALed with a Kiss by Mary Margret Daughtridge

What an incredibly powerful book! I confess I’d heard positive buzz on a few Internet sites about this book, but I wasn’t prepared for the read I got. Stories about SEALs and other elite military forces are very popular these days. I confess that I don’t usually run out to buy these; primarily because many of them tend to pass over the incredible sacrifices these men and women make everyday. In “SEALed with a Kiss,” Mary Margret Daughtridge has done a stellar job writing a realistic romance without trying to sugarcoat the difficulties inherent in any military relationship.

Pickett is a family therapist and works with military families. She knows just how tough the life is for those in the ‘field’ and those left behind. She also knows she has no intention of finding herself in the same situation as those she counsels. She enjoys helping others, but isn’t perfect herself and that made it much easier to put myself in her place. She believes she’s overcome her poor self-image and the insecurities of youth until she becomes involved with Jax and his son Tyler.

Jax is a SEAL. There’s pretty much nothing he can’t overcome. Until his ex-wife dies and he’s faced with the decision of what to do with his four-year-old son. He wants to connect with Tyler, but just can’t seem to quite get there. When he’s almost to the point of giving up, a woman appears who seems to know exactly what to say and do to get his son talking. When he seizes the opportunity of a storm to seek shelter with her, things become much more complicated.

I don’t think there’s quite enough room for me to list all the things I liked about this book. I already mentioned the realities of military life; the long absences, sudden deployments, loneliness, lack of stability, and financial hardships can constitute such an overwhelming struggle for these families. Not to mention the relative youth of most of them. Yet, Daughtridge manages to provide a sense of empowerment to these patriots. She gives us a chance to try and understand what they face, all without preaching to us!

The lead characters in this story are far from perfect. Jax has the military traits of order, discipline, and domination which aren’t really a plus at the end of the duty day! Pickett has the knowledge and ability to identify relationship issues, but is less willing to open her own self up and risk the hurt that can come with loving others. Aren’t we all like that? We appreciate our heroes when our security or national pride is at stake; but would we ourselves be willing to make the sacrifices and compromises necessary ourselves? In the end “SEALed With a Kiss” by Mary Margret Daughtridge is a romance. There is plenty of heat between our lead characters and the growth of their relationship is mirrored in their trust with one another. While I read this book, I laughed and sniffled, then I was turned on and turned inside out and at the end, very, very glad I read it!


Reviewed by Julie


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