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May 20, 2008

Review: False Colours by Georgette Heyer

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False Colours by Georgette Heyer

When I picked up False Colours by Georgette Heyer, I knew to expect a well written regency romance filled with laugh out loud humor and well developed characters. This is a fast-paced book of misunderstandings and mistaken identities that kept my interest until the last page.

Christopher “Kit” Fancot has a nagging feeling that something is very wrong. While on leave from the Army, he decides to surprise his family with a visit. When he discovers that his twin brother Evelyn has disappeared and has been gone for several days, he becomes determined to find out what happened to him.

When Kit is told that Evelyn must marry Cressy Stavely to pay off the mounting gambling debts that his mother has accumulated, he is shocked. In order to keep from embarrassing Cressy and both families, he finds himself reluctantly talked into masquerading as Evelyn at the couples engagement party.

Cressy Stavely has no idea of the deception surrounding her. She can’t understand why suddenly she is enjoying Evelyn’s company so much more than before. He is more fun and interesting to be around and she finds herself quite taken with her intended. She is a very likeable, intelligent heroine who is no spitfire but definitely holds her own with Christopher.

As a general rule, I am normally not a big fan of reading about one twin assuming the identity of the other. But, I will admit that because of the circumstances that Kit finds himself in, and the relationship that develops between he and Cressy, my mind quickly changed about the deception that Kit must portray. Maybe it was his character itself. He is a noble, honorable, funny and well-likeable hero that any person would be drawn to. No wonder Cressy can’t resist him; I certainly wouldn’t!

Another thing I really like about Georgette Heyer novels is that it is so easy to visualize the era in which the characters live in. The setting and mannerisms of all of the characters literally bring you into Regency England. From the way the characters speak, to the descriptions of their surroundings, it immediately draws you into an interesting, realistic interpretation of the Regency Period.

Filled with some very unexpected surprises and quirky characters, I kept a smile on my face several minutes after I finished the novel. False Colours is not only a book written about the romance between Kit and Cressy, but also about relationships, duty and the power of love that sends a strong, warm message throughout the book.

For more information about Georgette Heyer, visit her web site at www.georgetteheyer.com.


Reviewed by Shellie


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