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May 28, 2008

Review: Blind Instinct by Fiona Brand

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Blind Instinct by Fiona Brand

Sara Fischer liked her simple life as a librarian in Louisiana. But one day, while cleaning out her father’s attic, she finds a Nazi codebook from World War II. Fiona Brand’s Blind Instinct starts out with a bang and just doesn’t stop! This book combines suspense, history and a bit of the paranormal, all against a healthy backdrop of romance.

Sara’s discovery of the codebook brings her back into contact with Marc Bayard, a former childhood friend who has become an FBI Agent. Marc’s reappearance in her life also reawakens a part of Sara that she thought was gone. As a child, Sara often had horrible nightmares, was plagued by sleepwalking, and would wake up mumbling strange names and places. Sara quickly realizes that the appearance of Marc and the codebook are triggering memories of a prior life and are causing her current life to be in jeopardy.

While I tend to read a lot of paranormal romance, I’ve never read anything with past lives before and I wasn’t sure how I’d like it. But as I got into the story, I realized what an incredibly romantic idea it is. The idea of two people not only having an amazing connection once in their lives, but again and again is such an appealing notion. You can’t get much more of a Happily Ever After than that!

Other than the part about past lives, I would characterize this book as more in the romantic suspense genre than paranormal romance. There is an intricately woven plot line that brings together action and mystery in both the World War II setting and the contemporary story line. As Sara’s life is constantly in danger in both timelines, there were plenty of gripping scenes that kept me on the edge of my seat.

I tend to like romance stories where there is a lot of tension and buildup between the hero and heroine before anything happens. I think it’s more interesting than when they’re under the sheets together by page 20. This book definitely had that and in my opinion, the anticipation just makes it all that much better when they finally get together!

Fiona Brand’s Blind Instinct was an enjoyable read and I look forward to reading more of her work!


Reviewed by Kristina


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