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May 28, 2008

Review: By Appointment Only by Janice Maynard

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By Appointment Only by Janice Maynard

When I received “By Appointment Only” by Janice Maynard, I was looking forward to a frothy, steamy read. There was certainly steam but not so much froth! According to the back cover blurb, the premise revolves around a couple taking pre-marital sex therapy. What I actually found was a book that took a quick look at marriage and commitment and what that means to different people.

The hero, Morgan, is bumped by the heroine, Hannah, and she catches his attention as she is dressed like a bride and dashing across a busy street. He follows her to the wedding she’s attending and they quickly exchange a hot kiss. The hero apparently decides right away that she’s the one for him. Based on one hot kiss? Her body? Instant attraction I can see; love-at-first-sight, not so much. The book then skips forward six months and now they’re engaged!

The premise of going to therapy comes about in his effort to coerce her into setting a wedding date. Coerce a wedding date? In a contemporary novel? Um, I find that hard to believe. She is hesitant because of her past; good for her. While we would all love an instant guarantee of happily-ever-after, one hot kiss and six months of apparently great sex just don’t quite do it for me.

What I did like about the book were the two other couples and what we learned about their situations and relationships in therapy. One couple was two very young 20-somethings who married because of a pregnancy. They were in therapy to overcome the sexual issues attendant with a baby. The other was an older couple suffering from sexual dysfunction with the empty-nest syndrome. Both of these couples were much more realistically depicted and treated in my opinion.

This book has lots of kinky, steamy sex. Now don’t get me wrong, kinky, steamy sex can make a great book. But here the author seemed to want to go beyond the sex and that just didn’t pan out for me. The plot seemed to be worked in around the sex, rather than sex as part of the plot, even with the sex therapy premise.

I did finish the book and although for whatever reason it wasn’t a hit for me, it could be that this is just the book for you. I’ve read other works by Janice Maynard and found them sexy and amusing and the author can definitely write hot love scenes. But in the end “By Appointment Only” just wasn’t good therapy for me.


Reviewed by Julie


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