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May 28, 2008

Review: Rescue Me by Cherry Adair, Lora Leigh, and Cindy Gerard

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Rescue Me by Cherry Adair, Lora Leigh, Cindy Gerard

For me, anthologies are the best! Getting to read three or four short stories from several authors, usually tied around a central theme, gives me more bang for my buck. And in today’s economy, I need to save every dollar I can. Rescue Me by Cherry Adair, Lora Leigh, and Cindy Gerard provides three hot and sensual novellas all tied around the heroine needing rescue from the hero. Each of these authors pens a great story on their own, so I thought this was a well thought out ensemble for an anthology novel.

In Cherry Adair’s contribution, “Tropical Heat,” Dr. Elizabeth Goodall is kidnapped while at a convention in South Africa. Taken to a secret place in the African jungle, she it told to perform plastic surgery on a very evil head-honcho criminal. Only problem is the wrong doctor was taken and Elizabeth, though capable in her own right, doesn’t practice reconstructive surgery. Luckily, Sam Pelton is there to rescue her. Sam has known Elizabeth for almost two years. He laid eyes on her the first time and that was it for him though at the time, she was going through a divorce. Now that the divorce is behind her, all that stands in Sam’s way is said criminal, his guerrilla fighters, and the dangerous jungle they must escape, all while the attraction between the two shoots up to record highs.

Lora Leigh pens another one of her sexy, thrilling tales in her novella, “Atlanta Heat.” Em Delaney has always wanted Macey March but because he works under her godfather, he was off-limits. But when she is kidnapped by terrorists, it is Macey that is sent in to get her out of danger. When he takes her to his house for further safekeeping, the temperature turns up as the seduction begins. But who, exactly, is in the role of seducer? Em or March?

Cindy Gerrard rounds out the anthology with her story, “Desert Heat.” Assistant D.A. Elena Martinez and detective Seth King are paired up for a charity scavenger hunt in the Grand Canyon. But they don’t know that they are being followed by two criminals with guns and another two in a helicopter. As these two try to beat the odds and make it out of a dangerous situation, it’s not only the heat of the desert that they are dealing with. Attractions boil to a sizzling point as Elena and Seth have to depend on each other to make it out of a very dangerous situation.

As you can see by the titles of these three novellas, the heat in the stories is not lacking. Each author is able to bring a steamy tale of love and danger to the pages of Rescue Me. Each couple is placed up against almost insurmountable odds and dangers and yet they are able to focus on each other as they make their way out of trouble. I enjoyed each of these tales as I was on the edge of the seat to find out how the couples would make it out of their respective dangerous situations. The stories were short and I was able to finish the whole novel in less than a day because it read so fast. At the end, I was satisfied with each resolution but wanted to know more about each respective couple, though I understand the constraints of a novella. Even so, Rescue Me by Cherry Adair, Lora Leigh, and Cindy Gerard is a definite keeper and I look forward to reading each of its contributing authors as they all have works set to release later this year.


Reviewed by Quentin


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