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June 5, 2008

Review: Baddest Bad Boys by Shannon McKenna, E.C. Sheedy, and Cate Noble

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Baddest Bad Boys by Shannon McKenna, E.C. Sheedy, Cate Noble

I’ve been reading a lot of action-oriented romance novels lately, and the idea of a short-story anthology sounded like a perfect change.  Sometimes short stories just fit your life better:  silly fun with a quick “Happily Ever After” that you can get to in one sitting.  The trio of stories in “Baddest Bad Boys” by Shannon McKenna, E.C. Sheedy, and Cate Noble fit that bill perfectly.

Shannon McKenna starts off the anthology with “Anytime, Anywhere.”  Robin MacNamara has had a crush on her older brother’s best friend Jon Amendola for years.  Her brother’s protective streak has managed to scare off any potential boyfriends, so at 25, she’s still a virgin.  Robin discovers Jon will be alone at a secluded cabin, so she decides to take the initiative to secretly meet and seduce him.  I will warn you that at one point, the story does get relatively rough, and touches the edge of non-consensual sex.  It doesn’t ever cross that boundary, but it was close enough to make me a little uncomfortable for a page or two.

E.C. Sheedy has the next contribution with “After the Lovin’.”  Tommi Smith discovers an embezzling scheme at her workplace, and hides out at Mac Fleming’s secluded retreat while she decides the next steps to take.  Tommi is friend’s with Mac’s brother, but always felt that Mac disliked her.  Of course, what Tommi took as dislike was really Mac trying to hide his feelings for her.  What I thought was refreshing about this story is that Mac is 5 years younger than Tommi.  I haven’t read an extensive amount of romance, but this is one of the first times that I can remember where the man is younger than the woman.

Cate Noble rounds out the anthology with “Deal with the Devil.”  In this story, Ellie DeLuca and Max DeLuca are in-laws, fighting over who controls an international shipping company after the death of Stefan DeLuca, Ellie’s husband and Max’s brother.  After their lawyers can’t reach an agreement, they negotiate a more private deal on their own terms.  This is probably the story where at the onset, I had to suspend my belief in reality the most (after all, she’s a widow, and this is her brother-in-law), but Cate Noble does a really good job in pulling the story together in a likeable way.  Instead of viewing Ellie and Max’s deal as creepy, I ended up rooting for them.

These stories all did have a common theme, but to me it was that all the heroes originally viewed the heroines as “forbidden” for various reasons.  However, I wouldn’t really characterize them as “bad boys” considering there were two successful businessmen and a cop.  These stories also were very hot, and pretty detailed in their descriptions of the action.  If you like your stories with a little bit of plot, and a lot of sex, give the stories by Shannon McKenna, E.C. Sheedy, and Cate Noble in “Baddest Bad Boys” a try!


Reviewed by Kristina


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