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June 5, 2008

Review: Dark Warrior Unleashed by Alexis Morgan

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Dark Warrior Unleashed by Alexis Morgan

I started reading “Dark Warrior Unleashed” by Alexis Morgan before bed one night.  I thought I’d maybe read a few chapters to relax before hitting the hay.  Boy was I wrong!  This book sucked me in, and I didn’t want to stop reading.  I found myself realizing I was halfway through the book, glancing at the clock, and then started pondering if I really had to get up so early in the morning.  When I find myself shuffling my “to-do” list in order to finish a book, then I know it’s definitely made an impression on me.

Kerry Morgan loves to spend her nights out dancing, anonymous in the midst of a crowd.  But one night the where she’s dancing catches on fire, and Kerry finds herself rescuing others and bringing them to safety.  Her actions catch the eye of many people:  the media, the arsonist, and Ranulf Thorsen.  Ranulf knows that the arsonist is out for revenge against Kerry for “ruining” his work, and he vows to keep her safe.

However, Ranulf is not all that he appears to be.  He is a Kyth, a separate species that descended from humans years ago and that has special powers.  He knows that the arsonist is also Kyth, which is why he doesn’t trust the police to keep her safe.  Additionally, he suspects that Kerry herself is unknowingly part-Kyth.

Despite Ranulf’s feelings for Kerry, initially she has another Kyth, Sandor, assigned to her protection.  I thought there was a really interesting connection and relationship between the three characters.  On paper, Sandor is described as an ideal mate – handsome, well-mannered, and polished, while Ranulf is rugged and untamed.  At first, Ranulf even accepts that Sandor is in a better position to guard and protect Kerry.  Despite their best efforts, though, their connection and relationship grows.

While I like paranormal romance, I’ve never been too fond of books that have elaborate alternate worlds and realities.  I typically find that, for me, it’s just too much work to imagine (and remember throughout the book) a completely new society with different customs, mannerisms, and lifestyles.  So I was relieved to realize that the Kyth are not completely different from us – with the exception of a few powers here and there.  But I didn’t have to spend my time flipping back pages to remember the “rules” of the Kyth society.

This is the first book that I’ve read by Alexis Morgan, and is the first in her Talions series.  Based on what I read in “Dark Warrior Unleashed,” I’ll be anticipating the next book when it comes out in summer 2009 – and I’ll know to keep my schedule clear!


Reviewed by Kristina


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