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June 12, 2008

Review: Dark Desires After Dusk by Kresley Cole

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Dark Desires After Dusk by Kresley Cole

The wonderful Immortals After Dark series continues with Kresley Cole’s newest novel, Dark Desires After Dusk, which stars a demon and the halfling that has captured his heart.

Cadeon Woede has spent years trying to atone for the mistake that cost his brother, Rydstrom, his throne. He has the chance to right all those wrongs by obtaining a sword that will kill the powerful sorcerer who stands between his brother and his rightful throne. But to get the sword, he must deliver to another evil sorcerer The Vessel, the fertile Valkyrie that will give birth to a child of either great evil or great good. The only problem is that Valkyrie is half human Holly Ashwin, who also happens to be the woman Cadeon has fallen head over heels in love with! Cadeon knows that he must right the wrongs of his past, but as he and Holly travel together to obtain the sword, it becomes much harder for him to betray her at the end of their journey, especially since she is unaware of the impending betrayal. Cadeon will do everything in his power to prepare Holly for the fight ahead of them because even though he knows he must do what he must do, he will make sure his little halfling has every tool at her arsenal ready for the fight of both their lives.

I absolutely love the Immortals After Dark series. Kresley Cole has again woven a wonderfully romantic tale of two people from the opposite sides of their immortal world, The Lore, to come together in order to reach a common goal. Cadeon is actually a character that has been in a few of the previous IAD novels and I was excited to read his own story as I learned more about him and his species of demons, the rage demons. Even with his demon horns and claws Cadeon is written as a sexy male of great warmth and compassion. From the guilt he feels over the death of his foster family to the burden he carries over the loss of his brother’s throne and his overprotective instincts towards the female he loves, readers come to know that Cade is definitely a male of worth that when push comes to shove, will do the right thing even when he has to go about it in the wrong way.

Holly is painted as an obsessive compulsive computer theorist who seldom colors outside the lines. She has always felt herself different from the masses but it isn’t until she is targeted by different factions of The Lore because she is The Vessel that she sees a change in herself. It is during battle with one of these evil factions that Holly turns fully into a Valkyrie. She is aghast to find out that these paranormal creatures from stories are actually real and she is one of them. She wants her life to return to the normalcy it once held and Cadeon is the only one that can help her accomplish that goal. Though all the while, Cadeon has different plans completely. As Holly goes along for the ride in belief that she can be returned to her human state, she is trained by Cadeon the rage demon in harnessing her powers, which she will need in the final showdown between her and Groot, the sorcerer that has the sword the will defeat Cade’s enemy.

There is a secondary tale that stars Rydstrom, Cade’s brother who is also a rage demon, and the sorceress sister of his enemy, Sabine, is told to setup for their full story to come later. I enjoyed this story just as much as the main one and every other tale in Cole’s IAD series. The combination of action and romance blend together to create a story that will keep readers turning the pages until the novel is finished. As always, I look forward to reading more from Kresley Cole in this wonderful paranormal series, though the next novels are not set for release until 2009. During my anxious wait, I’m sure I will re-read Dark Desires After Dusk, the love story of Cadeon the rage demon and Holly the halfling Valkyrie many, many times as it was everything I had hoped it to be and so much more!


Reviewed by Quentin


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