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June 12, 2008

Review: Hot Nights, Dark Desires by Eden Bradley, Sydney Croft, and Stephanie Tyler

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Hot Nights, Dark Desires by Eden Bradley, Sydney Croft, and Stephanie Tyler

In the Art of Desire by Eden Bradley

When Sophie’s friend asks her to accompany her to the local tattoo parlor to have some ink done, Sophie is very reluctant to do so. Being tattooed is Sophie’s secret fantasy . To Sophie, there is something very sensual about getting a tattoo but guilt from her parents and her religious beliefs have kept her from fulfilling one of her deepest desires. Reluctantly, Sophie accompanies her friend to get her tattoo, only to be blind-sided by the most desirable man she has ever encountered.

Sexy tattoo artist Tristan is immediately drawn to Sophie. Understanding she is just here to be a supportive shoulder for her friend, Tristan and Sophie soon form a bond as they become more acquainted with one another. Soon, Tristan realizes there is more to Sophie than meets the eye. When Sophie sees what a beautiful job Tristan does tattooing her friend, she decides to give into her secret longing and get a tattoo for herself but Tristan must be the one to permanently mark her virgin skin.

When Tristan and Sophie meet, their chemistry was literally heating up the room. When Tristan tattoos Sophie, it is very sensual and they have a deep rooted connection that was very apparent throughout the story. Both Tristan and Sophie must work through their own demons before they can fully commit to one another. As with most of Eden Bradley’s stories, I thought the character development was well done and I loved every word written in this story.

Shadow Play by Sydney Croft

Brenna St. James was once one of the modeling industry’s most desired, spoiled, and well-paid models. Not anymore. The career that was once the focus of her life was taken away by one thing: an entity that is showing up in every picture that is taken of her. Now almost destitute, she is desperate for help. Hearing about Hex, a renowned ghost photographer, she quickly contacts him in hopes that he can rid her of the entity that is haunting her so she can return to the fast-paced life she loves.

Going against his instincts, Hex reluctantly shows up on Brenna’s doorstep. When he realizes that there is more going on with Brenna that meets the eye, he stays to help her. Despite his biggest efforts, he cannot help but be attracted and feel connected to Brenna on a deeply emotional level. But belonging to the ACRO organization, he knows that he and the super-model’s fast-paced lifestyle will not co-exist.

Both Brenna and Hex go through some deep character development. Brenna’s life and attitude about herself and her priorities change drastically. I love when both characters get deeply attached to one another. Both Hex and Brenna become better people by the end of the story. Shadow Play is both a very sexy read and a real page turner! I couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen next! While Shadow Play is easily a stand alone story in the ACRO series, there are two full length novels, Riding the Storm and Unleashing the Storm, that are more in depth about the ACRO organization. I really enjoyed reading more about the mysterious ACRO organization and I anxiously look forward to reading more about it in the upcoming book Seducing the Storm to be released later this year.

Night Vision by Stephanie Tyler

Catie Lanford needs help. Inheriting a run-down bar from an uncle she has never met, she is determined to whip the bar back into shape. Hoping to sell it, she wants to give herself a fresh start. What she doesn’t count on is Bat Kelly, the cooler she hired get the bar running smoothly and more profitable, to be so mysterious and sexy.

Bat Kelly knows not to mix business with pleasure. Being around Catie makes him want to throw all caution away and hold her in his arms. As they work to get the bar into shape, they find themselves being drawn to each other and the bar they are trying to save.

I thought that Bat was such a sexy, well written hero. There are many layers to him that I found compelling and lovable. I thought that he and Catie were very well matched. Both characters seem to find an inner-peace at the end that I loved. This was a very interesting, fast-paced story for me. I easily lost myself in the lives of Bat and Catie. I was very sorry for this story to end.

Hot Nights, Dark Desires is a three story anthology written by some of today’s hottest erotic writers that has earned a place on my keeper shelf. After reading this book, I plan on reading more by all of these authors. A word of warning though: If you are offended by strong language and explicit sexual situations, this book is not for you. If you are looking for a stories that will touch you on a emotional level and make you turn down the air condition in your house, this is the book for you. Eden Bradley, Sydney Croft and Stephanie Tyler contribute very hot, steamy stories set in sultry New Orleans. What sets this anthology apart from the others I have read is all of the stories were really good. In my opinion, this is a rarity in multiple author anthologies.

For more information Eden Bradley and her other works, her web site is: www.edenbradley.com.

For more information on Sydney Croft and her ACRO series, her web site is: www.sydneycroft.com.

For more information on Stephanie Tyler and her other works, her web site is: www.stephanietyler.com.


Reviewed by Shellie


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