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June 12, 2008

Review: Night Keepers by Jessica Andersen

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Night Keepers by Jessica Andersen

Most of us spend our time trying to figure out what to do with our lives.  Strike knows it’s his destiny to save the world when the Mayan clock ends in 2012.  How’s that for an expectation to live up to?  Jessica Andersen’s new book, Night Keepers, begins with this intriguing premise, and keeps on going from there.

Strike is the king of the Night Keepers, magic-users who will protect the world. His father attempted to fix the problem 24 years ago (and destroyed most of their society in the process), but it looks like that fix didn’t hold.  Leah is a Miami-Dade cop who finds herself flung into the most unusual situation of her life.  Together, they hope to unite the remainder of the Night Keepers to prevent the apocalypse.

Strike and Leah are a fantastic couple together and there is immediate chemistry from the start between the two.  Even more than a typical romance novel, they have a great tension between them as they struggle to keep from getting too emotionally involved or invested in their attraction.  There is a prophecy that in order to save the world, Leah needs to die.  Naturally, this puts a little bit of a crimp in their relationship that needs to be overcome!

This is an intricate story with a lot of moving parts.  I’ll confess to having a pre-disposition to not liking my paranormal worlds to be too complex.  Between the Mayan and the Night Keeper societies and terminologies, I really could have used a glossary as I kept flipping back a few pages to figure out the importance of various things.  All that being said, once I got about halfway through the book it was much easier to keep everything straight.

This story is full of interesting secondary characters.  Most of the Night Keepers have unique or different “powers” which keeps the story moving.  My favorite secondary character was Anna, Strike’s sister, who runs away from her Night Keeper heritage into the relatively “safe” world of academia.

As a side note, I originally thought the Mayan doomsday clock was just another part of the creative storyline but apparently there exists such a thing and I guess I’m just not up-to-date with the latest apocalypse trends.  No word, though, if the Night Keepers really exist too!

Night Keepers is the first in Jessica Andersen’s The Novels of The Final Prophecy series.  Based on the promise of the first one, the next book, Dawn Keepers, should be just as exciting!


Reviewed by Kristina


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