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June 12, 2008

Review: Show and Tell by Jasmine Haynes

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Show and Tell by Jasmine Haynes

When I read a novel written by Jasmine Haynes, I have learned to expect three things. First, her novels are very well written and fast paced. I literally devour every word and come up for more! Second, I know that the main characters will experience multiple emotions. They will cry, be happy, fall in love and grow comfortable with themselves. Third, there is always scorching chemistry between the hero and heroine that just intensifies as their relationship develops and they eventually fall in love. In her latest novel Show and Tell, she delivers all of those things and more!

When always perfect, sexually repressed socialite Trinity Green decided to come home early from her best friends baby shower, she was more than a little surprised to find her conservative, slightly boring husband in shower with another woman. Angry at herself for making a reckless decision to marry him in the first place, she decides to start a new life and shake things up a little bit.

While on the voyage of self discovery, she holes up in a hotel room. Feeling betrayed and sexually frustrated, she decides to release some pent up desires, take matters into her own hand, and take charge of her sexuality. Unaware of the too thin walls, she lets it all hang out, not knowing that she is giving the man in the room next to hers her pent up sounds of passion.

Scott Sinclair thought it was going to be an ordinary night. Come to the hotel after a business meeting, watch some television and have some well deserved sleep. So when the sensual sounds of the woman in the room next to his own started to break through the silence of his lonely room, he quickly decides that this is better than any boring television show or porno movie he had ever witnessed. Intrigued and turned on by the sexy siren’s voice, he decides to take a chance and go next door and introduce himself and to give her an offer he hopes she can’t refuse.

Trinity doesn’t know if she is more shocked or embarrassed. The last thing she ever expected was a sexy, handsome stranger knocking on her door and offering her his body for a sexual tryst. Deciding to keep it simple and anonymous, she refuses to give him her name although he tells her his. Feeling sexy and very unlike the “perfect” Trinity, she quickly decides to live a little and the both have a night of raw passion. Later, he gives her his card and says that he wants to continue their rendezvous, letting her be in charge of if and when they would get together.

Feeling more alive than ever, Trinity decides to meet up with Scott on her terms, never letting him know her identity and very little about herself. For once, she feels like she is calling the shots and taking charge of her life. In this journey of self discovery she begins to realize that she has feelings for Scott. Even though he pushes her for more than just a sexual relationship, can Trinity reveal her true self to Scott and take a chance?

I truly enjoyed every second of Show and Tell. I felt like I was witnessing Trinity’s change of character firsthand. She truly becomes a stronger, self reliant woman who learns to fight for what she believes in and for the man she grows to love. I will say that there were times I wanted to push Trinity to give into Scott faster. He was extremely patient with her. Not pushing too much but enough for her to give more of herself and her life to him. He is truly a smart, sexy man who knew a good thing when he saw it.

We first met Trinity in The Fortune Teller. Show and Tell is the second book in this series. I think Show and Tell can be read as a stand alone read, but I would suggest reading The Fortune Teller also because of some of the back story and you get to revisit with some of the characters from Show and Tell.

If you are offended by strong language and explicit sexual situations, this book may not be the book for you. Otherwise, get a cold drink and enjoy!!

For more information on Jasmine Haynes and her other novels, please visit her web site at http://www.skullybuzz.com/.


Reviewed by Shellie


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