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June 18, 2008

Review: Blood Sport by Judith E. French

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Blood Sport by Judith E. French

Three words sum up Judith E. French’s new book, Blood Sport:  Suspense, intrigue, and action!  Reed Donovan is a hotshot FBI agent assigned to Jillian Maxwell’s case.  She is tracking a serial killer and thinks that a recent murder in Maryland is part of her case.  Reed thinks that Jillian’s theory is farfetched, but he has no choice but to assist with her investigation.  They sort through the clues and search for the killer against the backdrop of appealing East Coast beach towns.

One thing that I thought was refreshing about this book was that Reed is a widower with two young boys.  Usually in romantic suspense books it seems like the hero has a secret military background that torments him.  While Reed is a tough FBI agent, I liked it that he had a well-developed and normal family life that was important for him to maintain.  Of course, while Reed doesn’t have a tormented background, Jillian does.  Her parents died when she was a child and she spent years bouncing around foster care.  Jillian’s upbringing becomes a critical part of the book, but I wished the story had elaborated more on how Jillian overcame her troubled youth and developed into a successful FBI agent.

Despite initial reservations about mixing work and pleasure, Reed and Jillian get together fairly quickly.  I was surprised, however, that halfway through the book, Reed and Jillian essentially gave up on hiding their relationship at work.  I had a hard time with that, especially since Jillian is Reed’s boss!  I don’t expect my romances to be perfectly realistic, but this felt like stretching it way too much, especially for two career-driven characters working in the conservative law enforcement industry.

While there are a lot of fiction books out there about serial killers, this one had some interesting plot twists that made it fresh and original.  One of them was the idea that serial killers have a sort of secret-society, or “club”, amongst themselves.  I wanted to see this idea developed further and hope that this thread will continue to be explored in more detail in future books.

Judith E. French’s Blood Sport is a captivating romantic suspense novel, with enough twists and turns that keep it from being too formulaic.  While Reed and Jillian made it to their Happily Ever After, a secondary character had a big surprise at the end.  I haven’t seen any word if Ms. French plans on continuing on the storyline in future books, but I was definitely left wanting more!


Reviewed by Kristina


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