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June 25, 2008

Review: Demons are Forever by Julie Kenner

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Demons are Forever by Julie Kenner

I’ve always been a fan of Julie Kenner’s Confessions of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom series.  What’s not to love about a woman who hunts demons while worrying about the next PTA meeting?  I thought the first two books in the series (Carpe Demon and California Demon) were charming and delightful, and I’m pleased to say that the third book, Demons are Forever, is just as good.

Kate Connor has recently come out of her demon-hunting retirement in order to protect her kids and her suburban life from an influx of demons.  While the series is “paranormal” in that there are demons, the rest of the world is as normal as it gets.  Kate has no super-powers to help her out in the fight – she’s an ordinary woman, struggling with the same issues as any other mom out there.

Complicating the matter, the new teacher in town has some uncanny similarities to Kate’s husband Eric who died several years ago, which makes Kate wonder if Eric’s soul somehow survived. Is it just a coincidence that the teacher is so similar to Eric?  Kate doubts that her current husband would understand the situation, especially since he’s running for political office.

I like books that are written in a witty and humorous style and that describes this book perfectly.  There’s something about a woman who can kick a demon’s butt while coming up with a clever line that just does it for me.  However, even while there are often funny situations, there’s an authentic heart in the story, especially when Kate is thinking about her relationship with her children.  What touched me is how often Kate thinks about her parenting decisions, and how she tries to do the right thing in all different circumstances.

The other thing I really liked about this book was the original plot line involving Kate’s current and former husbands and her feelings for them – essentially, raising the question “Is it possible to love two men at the same time?”  There’s no question that Kate loved her former husband and was devastated by his passing.  But she’s also very much in love with her current husband.  This is a hard emotional issue and I thought it was handled in a gracious manner without sacrificing the characters’ integrity with easy answers.

Julie Kenner’s writing style makes this book a breeze to read.  While you can read Demons are Forever as a stand-alone title, I’d recommend that you read Carpe Demon and California Demon first so that you can enjoy the story from the beginning!  And luckily enough the fourth book, Deja Demon, is coming out in July and I definitely can’t wait to see what happens next.  I’ve already put in my order!


Reviewed by Kristina


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