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July 5, 2008

Review: Magic in His Kiss by Shari Anton

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Magic in His Kiss by Shari Anton

I was really anxious to read Magic in His Kiss. Lately, I have been pining to read a really good medieval romance. I do have difficulty getting into these types of romances because they can be slower-paced for me and I sometimes lose interest in them quickly. I can honestly say that Magic in His Kiss by Shari Anton grabbed my interest from the first page and held it until the last. Filled with adventure, passion, and romance, I quickly read this book and was very sorry for it to end!

The story starts in Wales in 1153. Connor ap Maelgwn, the chieftain of Glenvair, wishes for peace. When he hears that King Stephen’s heir to the throne has died, he knows there is a chance for the people to finally have some unity in their lives. The ongoing battle for the throne between Empress Maude and King Stephen  has been unending and tiresome, to say the least. He knows that his niece, who is also King Stephen’s ward, will be a pawn to King Stephen’s hope to keep the throne. Knowing this is an opportunity for a chance at change and peace, he immediately enlists his trusted friend Rhodri ap Dafydd to rescue his niece Nicole de Leon from her entrapment at a convent and bring her to him safely.

Rhodri is a man with many talents. Not only is he talented with the sword he is an accomplished harp player as well. He would rather sing and play beautiful music than weld his sword and fight. But he is still a warrior and duty to his friend and chief compels him to travel the long distance to the convent and bring Nicole back unharmed. It has been many years since he has been around the precocious Nicole. Because they did not part well as children, he is concerned about the reception Nicole might give him. Hoping that she will have forgotten their quarrel and readily come with him, he wishes for this to be an easy trip for both of them.

Nicole de Leon knows that she is not meant to be a nun. Far to outspoken and curious, she has made many friends at the convent but has no wish to stay. Biding her time, she is surprised when her old friend Rhodri comes calling. She knows that as a child she was demanding and an all-around pain for Rhodri. So she gladly welcomes him back into her life without conflict. When Rhodri tells her of his mission to bring her to her Uncle Connor, she is hesitant to go with him. Her beloved friend, the Mother Abbess, is dying and she is not anxious to leave her. Also not wanting to put others in danger, she convinces him to wait another day before leaving.

The next morning Nicole beseeches Rhodri to play the harp for the dying Mother. When he agrees and plays the hauntingly beautiful music, not only does the Mother Abbess pass on happily, but Nicole feels a connection with him she has never felt before. But things don’t go smoothly and Nicole’s life is soon in jeopardy. As they go on the run to seek refuge with Connor, both start to form a relationship that is based on trust and love. They have several obstacles they must overcome. A determined villain, harsh countryside, and a secret that Nicole is keeping could tear the lovers apart and keep them from having total happiness with one another.

I really loved that Nicole and Rhodri got along. Not only did they come to love one another, but they genuinely liked each other too. There isn’t constant bickering between them and they worked together as a team to fight their way to safety and build a life together. Both are noble characters that were likable and interesting to read about. I found myself caught up in their undying passion and love they had for one another. The romance between Rhodri and Nicole was beautifully written and captivated me from beginning to end. With a very satisfying ending and a cast of interesting characters, Magic in His Kiss was a fast-paced read that has earned a place on my keeper shelf.

Magic in His Kiss is the third book in the Magic trilogy. It can easily be read as a stand alone book without any problems understanding the plot or being lost. For more information on author Shari Anton and the Magic Trilogy, please visit her web site at www.sharianton.com.

Reviewed by Shellie


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