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July 6, 2008

Review: Twice Loved by Lori Copeland

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Twice Loved by Lori Copeland

I haven’t read a novel written by Lori Copeland in a long time. I have always enjoyed the historical novels she had written years ago. When I heard she was writing more Christian-based romances, I thought I would eventually give them a try. Admittedly, I don’t read a lot of this kind of romance but when I was offered to read Twice Loved (Belles of Timber Creek), I immediately jumped at the chance. I wanted to see if I would get as involved with the characters as I had with her novels written prior to this genre. I wasn’t disappointed. Once again, Lori has written a story with very human characters that are easy to relate to and care about.

Willow Madison has a very tough decision to make. Once a content schoolteacher, her life and the life of her two best friends, Copper and Audrey, were changed forever by the aftermath of the Civil War. Unable to find another job and almost penniless, she feels like she is blessed when her ailing uncle writes her in hopes of her coming to Thunder Ridge, Texas to live with him and possibly marry Silas Sterling, the wealthiest man in town. Never mind that Silas is almost 30 years her senior and she doesn’t know or love him. Pushing aside her dream of true love, she shoulders responsibility for her loved ones and takes her uncle’s advice and moves to Thunder Ridge.

Never one to rely on others when she can do it herself, she offers to bring some supplies with her. Driving a buckboard isn’t particularly hard for her, so when she was asked to bring some kerosene with her she has no reason not to. She is caught by surprise when horses are spooked by thunder and lightening. Losing control of the horses, she inadvertently starts a fire and burns down the local sawmill.

Tucker Gray can not believe his luck. As a soldier who survived the Civil War, he is trying to pick up the pieces of his life. As the owner of the new sawmill, he had just finished nailing in the last board to it when it suddenly catches on fire and is destroyed. Now, he has the responsibility of getting re-financed and rebuilding it or the people of Thunder Ridge won’t have any income and the town will die. When he finds out that newcomer Willow had accidentally caused the fire, he is furious with her. Why was a woman driving a buckboard anyway?

Tucker and Willow are like oil and water. Both blaming the other for the fire at the sawmill, they argue and distrust one another. When they are forced to work together to open up a new school, they start seeing one another in a new light. Despite her obligations to her uncle and loved ones, she is drawn to Tucker and both fight the attraction and friendship that develop between them.

I really enjoyed reading Willow and Tucker’s story. Willow is a force to be reckoned with. She is stubborn and smart and has unending loyalty to her loved ones, even if it means sacrificing her own happiness. Tucker is man who has been through much sorrow and loss, but although his faith can be more shaky at times, he puts his trust in God an never stops believing in himself and eventually, his relationship with Willow.

Interestingly enough, the town Thunder Ridge almost became a character as interesting and compelling as the people who live in it. It hardly ever rains there, but there are frequent electrical storms. It pushes loyalty from the habitants who live there with it’s lack of water and it’s unforgiving heat. I became fascinated by Thunder Ridge and the people who refuse to give into an easier life and move.

Twice Loved is a very sweet romance. It is based on faith, love and family. There is not anything heavier than some kissing between Willow and Tucker. This did not deter from the storyline. I really loved the chemistry between them, and watching the friendship and love that develop between them was a beautiful thing to behold. Twice Loved is the first book in the Belles of Timber Creek series. I can’t wait to read the continuation of this series! For more information on this book and others written by Lori Copeland with the Avon Inspire line please visit www.harpercollins.com.


Reviewed by Shellie


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