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July 7, 2008

Review: Out of Time by Samantha Graves

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Out of Time by Samantha Graves

I haven’t seen the new Indiana Jones movie yet, but I have seen the TV ads, fast-food promotions, and seen various other promotional products in every aisle at Target.  So perhaps I’ve been subconsciously influenced by all the advertising, but Samantha Graves’ new book, Out of Time, strongly reminded me of an Indiana Jones storyline with a romantic twist.  Except, of course, with a hero that’s a little bit more of a bad boy than Indy’s academic background.

Far from being a respected professor, Simon Bonner is a retired tomb raider.  He’s trying to enjoy some semblance of a normal life when an old friend shows up bleeding to death on his doorstep.  Simon is given a small crystal lens and is told that his ex-wife will die if he doesn’t find a particular treasure by the deadline.  However, in order to find the treasure, he needs the special skills of museum curator Jillian Talbot.  She has the psychic ability to use the lens and see where the treasure is, and gets dragged into the conflict against her will.

Jillian is initially kidnapped by Simon in order to force her compliance.  As a museum curator, Jillian is horrified and repulsed by Simon’s past tomb-raiding actions but agrees to help in order to save a woman’s life.  While they start out as polar opposites, both Jillian and Simon’s characters evolve throughout the book as they gradually come to see the other person’s point-of-view around the morality and consequences of tomb raiding.

Simon and Jillian have strong chemistry together throughout the book, both as they originally fight their attraction, and later on when each questions the likelihood of an ongoing relationship.  While there is some sex in the book, I didn’t think it was too explicit or graphic.

This is the second book by Samantha Graves.  The first one, Sight Unseen, dealt with Jillian’s sister, Raven.  While Raven is mentioned a few times in the book, you certainly don’t have to read Sight Unseen first.  Additionally, there is a slight paranormal element to the story (since Jillian has psychic vision) but overall I would say that it’s a strong romantic suspense book.

Samantha Graves’ Out of Sight is full of action, twists, complex strategizing, and double-crossing set against a the backdrop of the Mexican jungle, and I thoroughly enjoyed every heart-pounding minute of reading it.


Reviewed by Kristina


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