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July 7, 2008

Review: Pitch Black by Susan Crandall

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Pitch Black by Susan Crandall

“Pitch Black” is a very well-written and intricate murder mystery with a sexy Sheriff thrown in for good measure. Susan Crandall has crafted an unsettling and frightening look at what might lurk behind appearances in a small Southern town in America.

Madison moved from Philly to get her newly adopted son, Ethan, away from the streets where he once lived alone and unwanted. She and Ethan are having some problems adjusting to Southern small-town ways, but sexy Sheriff Gabe seems to be more than willing to provide Madison all the help she needs.

Gabe is strongly attracted to this gorgeous Yankee, but when a simple camping trip ends with murder and all eyes turn to the only outsider, his relationship with Madison sours. Now, with strange rumors in town blaming Ethan for the deaths and Madison’s reports insinuating a local drug dealer, he’s dealing with threats against them both. Trying to stay impartial and investigate without distancing himself from Madison and her son may be more than this small-town Sheriff can manage.

The mystery and clues in this semi-thriller were well placed and well constructed. The plot is believable and flows from one event to the next without stalling. There were a few extraneous details that could have been left out (Gabe’s political father and spin-master brother) and a plot twist or two that I found improbable, but overall I enjoyed this dark tale.


Reviewed by Julie


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