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July 14, 2008

Review: Hard to Get by Alyssa Brooks

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Hard to Get by Alyssa Brooks

What would you do if you were in the middle of your sister’s bachelorette party and the stripper you hired for the main entertainment ended up being your ex-boyfriend dressed in chaps and nothing else? The novel Hard to Get by Alyssa Brooks starts out with this premise and it immediately grabbed my attention and never let go.

Elizabeth “Lizzy” Cross feels like she has just walked into the Twilight Zone. The teenage boy who abandoned her years ago is now standing before her in chaps and nothing else, trying to convince her to forgive him and give him another chance. Is he kidding? Lizzy has worked hard at giving everyone she knows the impression she doesn’t need anyone. Never wanting to be hurt again, she has made herself self-reliant in every way. She doesn’t even need a man in bed. That’s what battery operated boyfriends are for! After all, they don’t call her the Queen of Dildos for nothing.

Ty Black can’t believe his eyes. Is this his sweet, innocent Elizabeth? Gone is the loving girl he once knew only to be replaced by this independent, hard nosed, pink-haired spitfire. He had been hoping to run into Elizabeth again; he was just expecting to be fully clothed when he did but who looks a gift horse in the mouth? He knows he has a lot of explaining to do, but is determined to get Lizzy’s forgiveness and hopefully win back her love.

There is more to Lizzy and Ty than meets the eye. They are childhood sweethearts from the wrong side of the tracks. Lizzy has endured abuse from her step-father and is desperate to leave. Because Ty wants to protect her, he convinces her to run away together. Not having any money or prospects, they naively believe that everything will be okay as long as they have one another. When Ty is arrested for trying to steal an engagement ring, Lizzy thinks he has abandoned her and puts up walls around her heart so she will never to be hurt again. Guilt-ridden and determined to better himself, Ty gets his diploma and is working his way through law school in the quickest way he knows how: stripping.

Hard to Get is a book about personal growth and forgiveness. Lizzy has many emotional problems she must work through. I thought she could be very selfish with her needs with Ty. I understand that he must work for her forgiveness, but there were times I thought she could be very self-destructive and almost cruel with her indifference towards Ty and his feelings.

Ty is a hero that was easy to like. Smart, sexy, and determined to better himself, he knows he made some silly mistakes in the that past he must atone for. His determination to help and have Lizzy in his life was admirable to read about. As much as I liked him, and stood behind him as a hero, there were times when I wanted him to tell Lizzy to jump off a bridge and then find someone else. But being the stubborn hero that he is, Ty stuck it out with her and in the end, I came around and thought that he and Lizzy belonged together. Both characters go through some serious development throughout the storyline. They must face their past demons in order to have a future together and, hopefully, come out the better for it.

Hard to Get is the first book I have read by Alyssa Brooks but it won’t be the last. It is a very fast-paced, emotional read that got my attention from the first page and never let go until the last word. I would like to give a few words of caution to some readers: if you are offended by strong language and explicit sexual situations, this book may not be for you. Otherwise, turn down the air condition, settle into a comfortable chair and enjoy!

For more information on Alyssa Brooks and her other works, please visit her web site at www.alyssabrooks.com.


Reviewed by Shellie


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