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July 14, 2008

Review: Seduce Me at Sunrise by Lisa Kleypas

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Seduce Me at Sunrise by Lisa Kleypas

It has been years since I have read a Lisa Kleypas novel. I admittedly get stuck on a certain type of genre at times and honestly stopped reading historical novels for a while. When I had the opportunity to read Seduce Me at Sunrise I jumped at the chance. Knowing that I have loved Lisa’s books in the past, I wondered if the magic was still there. It is. I had forgotten the lyrical way she tells a story. I forgot her addictive storylines and her unbelievably tortured, sexy heroes. What was wrong with me? I am so glad I read this book. I simply loved every moment of it.

Kevin Merripen has loved Winnifred Hathaway since they were kids. Abandoned by his gypsy clan and rescued by the Hathaways, he has always thought himself not good enough for her but he feels he must protect her from any pain and suffering that may come her way. Winnifred has always loved Kevin. Strong and silent, he gives her comfort with his quiet presence and fills her nights with unrequited longing.

When Winn catches scarlet fever, Kev is devastated. Afraid he might lose her, he nurses over her day and night. When her condition worsens, he remembers a remedy from his clan and administers it to her. When Winn starts to recover, the bond between them grows even deeper. But Winn has become weak from the fever and never fully recovers. Weak bodied and not wanting Kev to settle on half a life with her, she knows she must do what she can to become healthier if she is ever to have Kevin’s love. When she hears about a doctor that is practicing alternative medicine, it gives her hope to become better and be the woman she wants to be with Kev.

Kev does not Winn to go. She is his light in the darkness he calls his life. After refusing his wishes for her to stay, he becomes ever more withdrawn and surly in her absence. As the years go by, Winn writes Kev but he only writes her back once. Frustrated by Kev’s lack of communication, she starts getting more involved with the handsome doctor who helped her with her almost full recovery. When she arrives home, she is surprised by the dangerousness and loneliness that surrounds Kev. Even with the doctor’s affection, Winn cannot forget the man she loves and the man she refuses to live without. So, she decides to fight for him and what they can have together.

What can I say about this book? Kev and Winn are a couple I loved reading. I absolutely adored the Hathaway family! Not only is Seduce Me at Midnight a love story, but it is a story about survival and recovery from loss of loved ones and the determination it takes to have a happy life. Winn is a heroine that is smart, stubborn and knows how to fight to get her man. I can honestly say that most of the time I don’t like the heroines that I read about, but Winn is definitely a character that I cheered on and would like to call my friend. I cried with her, I cheered with her and I loved every romantic moment in this book. I truly hated for it to end and I am anxiously awaiting the next book in this series.

Seduce Me at Sunrise can be read as a stand alone book. It is actually the second novel in the Hathaway series. Mine Till Midnight is the first book in this series. Although I haven’t read Mine Till Midnight yet (I ordered it and will remedy that immediately), I had absolutely no trouble understanding the storyline and was able to follow along without any problems.

Seduce Me at Sunrise has opened my eyes. Not only has it earned a coveted place on my crowded keeper shelf, I have re-discovered one of my favorite authors Lisa Kleypas. If you love a well told beautiful romance with a brooding, sexy hero and a super smart heroine, this book is for you! For more information on the Hathaway series and other books written by Lisa Kleypas, please visit her web site at www.lisakleypas.com.


Reviewed by Shellie


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