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July 14, 2008

Review: Wanton by Noelle Mack

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Wanton by Noelle Mack

When I started reading Wanton by Noelle Mack, I admittedly had high expectations. Being introduced to The Pack of St. James in Wild, the first book in this series, I really enjoyed the world Noelle Mack created. When it comes to writing relationships, especially between intermediate families, Ms. Mack can really get to the heart of things. I can honestly say that I really enjoyed reading Wanton. It is a very fast-paced read filled with suspense and sensuality that won’t be denied between the main characters.

Our story starts with Marko being left in charge of The Pack. The Pack leader Kyril and his mate Vivienne, along with their newborn son, are away on pack business. With Marko being second-born in the family, he is immediately left in charge. Marko is a reluctant leader. He doubts his ability to lead The Pack in a safe, constructive way, but hopes that his leadership in his brother’s absence will make Kyril proud of him.

When Marko sees Severin across the crowded ballroom, he is immediately drawn to her. She is unlike any other female he has encountered before. Mysterious and intelligent, he becomes immediately smitten with her. Finding out that she educates women to have impeccable manners, fine speech and a splendid sense of style, she is often ignored by women of the ton but admired by the gentlemen. Marko’s becomes determined to weave himself into her life and become part of her very existence.

Severin can’t believe that the intriguing Marko is as crazy about her as she is him. Attracted to his kindness and strong belief in loyalty, both Severin and Marko become attached to one another quickly. She knows there are secrets Marko is hiding from her, but hopes that one day he will be able to open up to her.

When Marko stumbles across the dead body of a prostitute, he notices that she is wearing a locket with The Pack’s symbol on it. Not knowing how she is connected to The Pack, he starts doing some investigating to find out who the mystery woman is. One murder leads to another, and soon Marko’s fears that he is being set up. Afraid that Severin will be harmed, he pushes away from her until he can get the mystery solved.

Upset by Marko’s disappearing act, Severin keeps herself busy by training a young woman who is about to go on the market for a well-established husband of the ton. When her young ward runs away, Severin enlists Marko’s help in hopes that they will find her before the killer does.

Wanton is filled with so many wonderful characters. Severin’s sister is a force to be reckoned with and we are happily visited by Marko’s cousin Lukian, whom I loved in the first book. There are many characters re-visited in this book from the first novel Wild. Although you can probably read this book without reading the first one, in my opinion, it would be best to read the first book in this series in order to better understand the politics and relationship between the brothers and other pack members.

I really enjoyed every minute of this book! I thought that Severin and Marko’s relationship sizzled off of the pages! The chemistry between them was smoking hot and the action and mystery in the storyline was a real page turner. Both Marko and Severin were characters that could easily be identified with. They both have insecurities they must overcome, but I thought both characters were very well developed and I loved seeing them work out their differences and come together.

The next Pack of St. James book written by Noelle Mack is called Wicked. It will be about Semyon, who is the youngest and wildest brother. It is due out in February of 2009. I know I can’t wait to read the conclusion of these wonderful characters and what woman will tame Semyon’s wild reputation! If you are offended by strong language and explicit sexual situations, the Wanton: The Pack of St. James, may not be for you. Otherwise, get a big glass of your favorite cold beverage and enjoy this novel!


Reviewed by Shellie


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