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August 2, 2008

Review: My Wicked Enemy by Carolyn Jewel

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My Wicked Enemy by Carolyn Jewel

The classic story of enemies falling in love gets a paranormal update in Carolyn Jewel’s “My Wicked Enemy.” Nikodemos is an immortal fiend who is determined to kill the mage Alvaro Magellan and his witch Carson Philips. Carson, for her part, is an orphan who has grown up in Magellan’s house but has no idea of her true heritage or power. One day, she accidentally catches a glimpse of Magellan’s evil and flees his house. In her first few hours of freedom she runs into Nikodemos, who is only too happy to bump into the unprotected witch.

At first, Nikodemos doesn’t believe Carson’s pleas of innocence and ignorance. Still, after Kynan, one of Magellan’s henchmen, attempts to kill Carson in a Chinese restaurant, he comes to accept that not only has Carson been truly unaware of the magical world she’s been living in, but that Magellan has only kept her around in order to psychically steal her power. Because of Magellan’s abuse, Carson is helpless and unable to access or control her power. Nikodemos vows to protect Carson as they team up to defeat Magellan.

I loved this book but felt that the first and second halves were somehow substantially different. The first half was definitely my favorite and immediately sucked me into the story. I was fascinated by the interaction between Nikodemos and Carson, especially when each character is deciding how much to trust the other. I suppose the main reason for the change in tone midway through the book is that Carson and Nikodemos are on the defense for the first half, but are on the offense in the second half. Lots of action happens, but for me that took away from some of the romantic tension that had been building. In addition, the second half had a lot of secondary characters introduced. Many of them had similar characteristics, and I got a little confused trying to keep them all straight.

Nikodemos is a hot alpha male, and there is great interaction between him and Carson. For the most part, the sex added to the relationship, but there was one scene involving a third person that felt very out of character for the two of them.

However, my quibbles are minor for the most part, as overall reading the book was an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon. Carolyn Jewel has created a magical world with a complex mythology for Nikodemos and Carson in “My Wicked Enemy,” and I certainly hope she’s planning on a sequel.


Reviewed by Kristina


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