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August 2, 2008

Review: Mystic Rider by Patricia Rice

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Mystic Rider by Patricia Rice

Opening the cover of a newly released book by a favored author is always an exciting moment. Comfy chair? Check. Chilled beverage (or hot if it’s winter)? Check. Kids and hubby otherwise occupied? Check. Here we go! So I just jumped at the chance to read “Mystic Rider,” the second book in Patricia Rice’s new ‘Mystic Isle’ series. It’s a romance, it’s an historical, and it has magic! I get goose bumps just thinking about it!!! Mystic Isle is an invisible island that is home to a race of people with special talents. They chose to separate themselves from the Outside World in an effort to create a Utopia. But recently, ‘things’ have been happening that seem to be drawing some of their people out to the other world, the most recent being Ian, their Sky Rider, who is the leader of their Council.

Chantal has a ‘gift’ for music. She’s used her voice and her music to ‘influence’ others all her life without even thinking about it. She’s a widow, content to live with her father and teach music in Paris. Her father is a famous orator and has been key in the Glorious Revolution and Chantal happily supports his views and his cause through her music. Unfortunately, said revolution is becoming less glorious and more dangerous. Into this powder keg drops the most handsome man Chantal has ever seen. His voice enthralls her and his sexual skills awaken a part of her she thought long dead. When he helps to rescue her best friend/sister-in-law and her children from the dungeons, Chantal begins to think he’s her Prince Charming. Then she learns he’s really searching for an artifact that was recently in her possession. And he’s not the only one looking for it…

Ian knows Chantal is his amacara, his physical and spiritual equal, and he also knows she is in possession of ‘the chalice’. Even though Ian has never been off the island of Aelynn, both she and the chalice call to him, so off he goes. The Outside World is painful to him; unless he concentrates, he can hear the thoughts of all those around him. And in the city of Paris, right after the arrest of the royal family, those thoughts are dark indeed. Now he must find a way to save Chantal and her family and retrieve the chalice before his childhood friend and current enemy beats him to it.

Magic, suspense, and hot sex…Oh my! I do like Patricia Rice’s stories. She does an excellent job of combining history and magic and making it seem mostly believable. Her writing carries you along through the story and her secondary characters are as vividly portrayed, and have almost as much significance to the plot, as her lead characters. Her heroes are not quite larger than life and come to understand that they need her heroines just as much, if not more, than the heroines need them! Her relationships build to partnerships, even when rank or ability would normally deem otherwise. She has a deft hand as well with sensuous love scenes which add to, rather than jar, the plot.

Although this book can easily be read as a stand-alone, you would probably enjoy it more if you read “Mystic Guardian” first. If you’re looking for an opportunity to escape from this world for a few pleasant hours, and you enjoy magic and mayhem, then “Mystic Rider” by Patricia Rice should definitely be on your summer reading list! I’m waiting (impatiently) for “Mystic Warrior”, the third book, whose release is scheduled for Summer 2009. For more on this author and her books, visit http://www.patriciarice.com/.

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