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August 2, 2008

Review: Nauti Dreams by Lora Leigh

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Nauti Dreams by Lora Leigh

Why are we women so fascinated with bad boys? Is it because they’re uber-Alpha, uncontrollable, and so sexy they make our back teeth ache? Ok, maybe that’s just me but, oh my goodness! Lora Leigh fans will be so delighted to have her naughty boys back in “Nauti Dreams,” book three in her ‘Nauti’ trilogy. She doesn’t disappoint as she turns up the heat with a hero and heroine tormented by painful pasts and haunted by a shared tragedy.

The action ratchets up a notch in this story where Natches MacKay finds his woman and the home he’s never quite dared to dream of. Natches has always been a bit of an outsider, even in the close-knit MacKay family. Dawg and Rowdy, cousins yet closer to Natches than brothers, always knew ‘something’ had changed him during his time as a sniper in Iraq with the Marines. He became colder and harder. In this last Nauti book, we find out exactly what, and more importantly who, caused that change.

Chaya is an intelligence agent who struggles with her past every day. She’s lost every person in her life that she loved and now she’s terrified of opening herself to that kind of pain again. Yet something inside her just can’t resist Natches and when she’s ordered back to Kentucky she knows this time will be different. She managed to pull herself away twice but will she even want to get away this time?

Natches can feel it the moment she’s back in his territory. Their bond is one that can’t be broken. He understands this and now he’s determined to make Chaya understand it as well. Twice before, he’s let her walk away, but the third time’s the charm and she’s had enough time. Now, they’ll play it his way.

The mystery of the terrorists in this last book of the trilogy was almost a distraction from the relationship between Natches and Chaya. I realize her losses made her hesitant, but really, this is Natches!!! The sexual tension between these two could light up New York and I don’t think I believe any woman would willingly walk away from that. Leigh does a great job painting Natches’ confusion regarding his feelings for Chaya and her assignment. And the way she mixes the mystery into the relationship and the growing understand the hero and heroine have for each other is masterful.

I wish the villain had been a little better developed, but I don’t think I can quite say with a straight face that anyone reads Leigh’s books for the villains. She knows what we like and provides it in spades and I’m sure many husbands/boyfriends would like to thank her for heating up their women for them. From the first Nauti book, I had a soft spot for the MacKay bad boys and hated to see this series end. But hang onto your shirts! There is an announcement at the end of Natches’ story for a book titled “Nauti Intentions” to be released in Spring of 2009, so apparently we’re not quite finished with the MacKays. And I, and Ms. Leigh’s legions of fans, are glad to hear it!

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