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August 2, 2008

Review: Warrior: The Time Hunters by Angela Knight

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The Time Hunters by Angela Knight

I had read some of Angela Knight’s previous works in anthologies, but have never read a full novel of hers so I was eager to read “Warrior: The Time Hunters.”  In the 23rd century, time-travel is not only possible, it’s so common that a special enforcement agency is needed to ensure order.  The enforcers have been genetically altered so that they are faster, stronger, and tougher than a typical human being.  Galar Arvid, a member of the agency, is sent back in time protect Jessica Kelly, an undiscovered artist whose unexplained murder propelled her to a posthumous infamy in the future.  I thought the story had real potential and enjoyed the romance between Galar and Jessica but end of the book left me feeling fairly confused.

Galar arrives at Jessica’s house on the night she is supposed to be murdered only to find her being attacked by a cyborg looking for information about her roommate.  Unable to let her stay in the 21st century, he takes her through time to the enforcement agency’s headquarters.  Unfortunately, the cyborg assassin is still after her, no matter what time period she’s in, and Galar is assigned to protect her.

I’ll admit that while I love paranormal romance, I have a personal preference against stories that are too science fiction based, or where the world that is created is very complex and different from our own.  Because of this, I wish I had previously read the first book in the series, “Jane’s Warlord,” as that might have helped me better understand Galar’s universe.

Personal preference aside, I was completely lost at the end of the book.  Major plot questions didn’t ever seem to be answered (or if they were, I completely missed them in both my first reading and when I went back to re-read portions).  There are references that Jessica is going through her tough times as part of a “test”.  But why does Jessica need to go through a test?  What makes her special?  In addition, Jessica’s roommate gave her some psychic powers immediately before she disappeared.  But again, why Jessica?  And how did the roommate get her powers?  What is the purpose of the T’lir, an important object everybody is looking for?

It’s unfortunate that these questions distracted me at the end of the book from the story of Jessica and Galar’s relationship.  The characters had great chemistry between them and I liked seeing how their relationship progressed.  In addition, the book finished with one of the most creative and romantic proposals I’ve ever read about.  At it’s core, “Warrior: The Time Hunters” had a great romance story between the two main characters.  I can only hope that Angela Knight’s next book in the series, “Enforcer,” has a similar great romance story but answers the plot-related questions I have.


Reviewed by Kristina


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