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August 3, 2008

Review: First Blood by Susan Sizemore, Erin McCarthy, Chris Marie Green, and Meljean Brook

First Blood by Susan Sizemore, Erin McCarthy, Chris Marie Green, and Meljean Brook

I’ve said before that I’m a fan of anthologies, especially when the anthology has a stellar lineup of authors. “First Blood” includes stories from four paranormal authors whose series’ are pretty well established and have a large fan base. The book will be a big-seller for those reasons and that’s not a bad thing at all as I enjoyed each story in this anthology for different reasons!

“Cave Canem” is a story set in Susan Sizemore’s ‘Laws of the Blood’ novels. We get a twofer starring both a vampire and a werewolf who have to team up and work together to overcome an ancient threat that’s reappeared. The sparks between these two could light up Las Vegas, especially once they quit fighting each other. Extra points for the cute Hellhounds.

Erin McCarthy returns to New Orleans with “Russian Roulette” a tale of a former slayer turned vampire who is about to find out why a bitter vampire has got to be the world’s worst ex-girlfriend, especially when you’re attracted to the object of her desire!! Strong emotional overtones were the icing on the cake for me in this one.

From Chris Marie Green’s ‘Vampire Babylon’ world, “Double the Bite” is an intense disturbing retake on good and evil and nature vs. nurture when she pens the tale of twin sister vampires. Can good overcome evil and how far would you go to protect a new love from your evil twin. Very dark, very deep, and a riveting read.

“Thicker Than Blood” is the final story from Meljean Brook and a new twist on enduring love and whether or not some sins can ever be forgiven. Strangely uplifting for an urban fantasy, paranormal story.

So there you have it. Four stories, four winners, and each gave me a very different reason to like it! If you haven’t read these authors, you can still enjoy these stories and just may end up picking up some of their other books set in the same worlds. If you’re already a fan, then “First Blood” should be on your ‘to-buy’ list already. Shame on you if it’s not!

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