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August 8, 2008

Review: Game for Anything by Bella Andre

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Game for Anything by Bella Andre

Bella Andre writes books that are decidedly spicy, but they don’t quite cross over into erotica for me.  The fine line that divides mainstream romance and erotica seems to be becoming ever thinner in the past few years.  For me to classify a book as erotica, there needs to be something more than just hot sex.  Even a lot of hot sex.  For me to use the term erotica, the story must have that ‘something’ extra; an unusual sex act, toys, more than two people, etc.  So when I say that I don’t think “Game For Anything” crosses the line into erotica, it certainly doesn’t mean there’s not plenty of hot sex…because there is!  But the relationship between these two, for me, has more of the elements of a romance than an erotica story.  Complaints may be lodged and will be read but hey, this is my opinion.

I must confess that I’m not much of a sports fan.  I will also confess, however, that football and baseball are fun to watch because it’s always a treat to check out all those buns in tight pants!  I know, I know…for real sports fans that’s almost sacrilege, but again, this is my opinion.  The few times I’ve met football stars, I was awed at their sheer size.  All I could think was how in the heck did their Mom feed them?  A second mortgage?  But I could certainly see why these men would be the object of many a fantasy.  But with fame comes temptation, and let’s face it, most of these athletes are still kids when they are faced with more money than most of us will ever see in our lifetime and a free ticket for just about anything they want.  How any of them resist the lure is a mystery.  Our hero certainly didn’t though he grabbed on with both hands and is still living it up when we first meet him in the book.

Ty had a crappy childhood with the exception of football.  Football was his ticket out of the trailer park and into the high life.  But always in the back of his mind, he’s measuring himself against others and coming up short.  And nobody can drive that point home quite like the girl he can’t forget.  She was smart, rich, and pretty; he took her virginity in a night he can’t forget and she can’t forgive.  And now she’s back in his life.  She’s a successful image consultant and her job is to clean up his image.  He’s fine with that.  She can clean up his image while he plots to get her back in his bed.

Julie grew up with the appearance of everything.  Her family had money, she was smart, she was pretty. But her father was also a womanizing jerk and played around constantly on her alcoholic mother.  Julie plowed her energy into her schoolwork and planned for the day she could escape into her own life.  But even the ‘brainy’ girls can’t help but notice the school football hero.  And for Julie, graduation night was memorable for more than being Valedictorian; it was the night she lost her virginity to the football hero.  Only to be dumped the next morning.  Now they expect her to polish football’s bad boy’s image?

I enjoyed reading “Game For Anything.”  There’s a lot of hot sex, but there’s also a lot of meaningful interaction between Ty and Julie outside of the bedroom (or the lake, or the empty stadium…you get my drift).  He has to prove to Julie that he’s more than ‘football’s bad boy’ and Julie has to figure out that appearances aren’t necessarily everything.  The author does a good job playing this scenario out.  I didn’t feel bogged down anywhere in the book although I would’ve liked to have seen a little more fleshing out of the supporting cast.  The good news is that you do catch a few glimpses of Andre’s next ‘bad boy of football’ whose book, “Game For Seduction,” will be released in September 2008.  So if you like bad boys, sports heroes, or just some steamy sex, be sure and give Bella Andre’s “Game For Anything” a shot.

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