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August 10, 2008

Review: Let the Night Begin by Kathryn Smith

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Let the Night Begin by Kathryn Smith

“Let the Night Begin” is the fourth book in Kathryn Smith’s ‘Brotherhood of the Blood’ series from Avon books. This series tells the stories of a group of soldiers who found ‘Lilith’s cup’ in a Templar treasure room, drank from it, and became vampires. Now they are hunted by a mysterious organization called ‘the Silver Palm’. Apparently, the Silver Palm wants their power and they have kidnapped one of the soldiers in an effort to draw out the others. Each soldier’s story is told in a different book and in “Let the Night Begin,” we have the story of Reign.

Reign found his love. He courted her, wedded her, and bedded her. He also turned her and for that, she has never forgiven him. She left him as soon as she recovered and he hasn’t seen her in 30 years…until now.

Olivia has a problem, other than being a vampire. Her beloved and rather spoiled nephew has been kidnapped. The ransom note states that she is to deliver her husband, Reign, to the kidnappers in exchange for her nephew. As much as she hates Reign, this shouldn’t be a problem. Right?

I’ve been reading this series from the first book. Although each of the soldiers is sexy in his own right, I always thought Reign’s story would be so very interesting. He had a past, and it involved a woman; how mysterious, how tragic. So I went into the book hungry to find out his story. I wanted to meet the woman worthy of Reign. Unfortunately, she wasn’t. She was a whiny, bitter, self-serving, immature girl and I absolutely despised her for 3/4 of the book. Although she does, finally, come through for Reign, if I were him I would’ve dropped her like a hot potato long ago and said good riddance. Luckily for her, Reign has more patience than me!

I was also a bit disappointed by what I thought was a very simple mystery that took almost no time to figure out. It only seemed to make what in previous books was a strong, smart character (Reign) seem rather slow-witted. The stupidity of the nephew was also irritating, but then again, Olivia had mostly raised him!

I did enjoy the time period of early 1900s. It allowed the author to give the book a historical feel and yet still have many more modern conveniences. The setting of the book was wonderful and Scotland seemed to come alive with her descriptions. There was a definite sense of growing trust and explanations for past hurts and forgiveness to make their resumed relationship a bit more realistic. And one thing Kathryn Smith never disappoints on is her love scenes. Her descriptive, emotive writing will leave you feeling breathless.

All in all, I’m glad I read “Let the Night Begin.” I’m looking forward to the next book in the series and hoping this is the reunion book where all the soldiers reunite to save their captured colleague. If you’ve been reading the series, you’ll definitely want to pick up this book so you don’t miss any of the events leading up to the next one. If you haven’t been reading this series, then I would recommend starting with the first book, “Be Mine Tonight,” or you will likely feel lost trying to place events and characters.

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