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August 11, 2008

Review: Accidentally Dead by Dakota Cassidy

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Accidentally Dead by Dakota Cassidy

I love paranormal romance novels, especially ones with vampires. But with so many great vampire romances out there, I wondered if it was possible to still write an original story. Well, “Accidentally Dead “by Dakota Cassidy is a fresh take on the vampire romance that results in a wonderfully fun read.

Nina Blackman was excited to start her new job as a dental hygienist when one of her patients accidentally bites her on her first day. She wakes up the next night with fangs, super eyesight, and a thirst for the blood in her neighbor’s dog. Nina quickly figures out that her patient infected her with something not covered during the infectious disease chapters – she’s now a vampire.

Nina obtains her patient’s name – Gregori Statleon – and his address. Along with her two friends she drives over to his house, determined to confront him about what he’s done, and to demand her mortality back. Nina has zero interest in becoming a vampire and wants her regular human self back ASAP. And when Greg tells her there’s no cure, Nina believes he’s hiding the truth from her.

Despite being an overdramatic loudmouth, Nina is an endearing character. Her rough childhood resulted in the tough exterior she presents to the world. For his part, Greg originally feels an obligation to ensure Nina can survive in her new lifestyle, despite Nina’s constant rudeness to him. But he recognizes that Nina’s attitude is a front in order to protect her emotionally. It’s touching to watch Greg gradually chip away at her roughness and get Nina to expose her vulnerable side.

Strong supporting characters always add to the story and this book has no shortage of them. Nina’s two best friends, Wanda and Marty, are constantly with Nina as she adapts to her new lifestyle. Marty, whose story was told in “The Accidental Werewolf,” has some first hand experience to offer Nina about suddenly becoming a member of a “mythological” species. And Lou, Nina’s grandmother, is full of sass but her deep religious convictions (complete with a crucifix-filled décor) cause Nina some new problems.

Wanda is the third partner in the friendship trio and is sure to have a story of her own next. I can’t wait to see what “accidentally” happens to her! Until then, I thought “Accidentally Dead” by Dakota Cassidy was an entertaining read.


Reviewed by Kristina


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