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August 11, 2008

Review: His Dark and Dangerous Ways by Edith Layton

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His Dark and Dangerous Ways by Edith Layton

I’m a self-confessed readaholic. It’s almost a compulsion with me and I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember. I read at least one book a day so when a book and its characters ‘stay’ with me, that’s a really good book! “His Dark and Dangerous Ways” by Edith Layton was just such a read. Recently I’ve been on quite the paranormal kick so I really enjoyed this refreshing read with not much real danger, exquisite sexual tension, and a hero and heroine I liked and enjoyed from page one.

Simon, Lord Granger, returned to England after being tortured for a year in a French prison thanks to a woman. He thought they were in love, but she played and then betrayed him. Now he doesn’t trust anyone and no longer spends his time participating in the aimless frolics of the ton. Or at least he didn’t until an old friend from his spying days makes a special request that will require his presence at ton affairs. That’s where he meets Jane.

Jane is a gentlewoman down on her luck. Her family is gone, the estate passed to the next male heir, and she refuses to be just another needy charity case. So off to London she goes, determined to make her own way. Her dancing classes for children become the latest fad and she’s proud of the life she’s managing to make for herself. But in a strange twist of fate, she becomes entangled in a confusing mystery and three different people are asking her to spy on each other and report back to them about the others’ activities! Which one, if any, should she trust?

I thought this was a very original plot. It would have been easy to play this off as a romantic farce, but Layton instead turned it into a deeper story about appearances and what lies beneath; the idiocy of pretension and fleeting fame versus the reality of honesty and truth; personal honor and how far is too far to prop up that honor? Her characters come alive. I want to hiss at the bad guys, at least once I figure out who they are! And I want to applaud every move the hero and heroine make as they reveal more and more of who they really are and learn to trust in each other.

What a superb historical romance. As I said, I enjoyed this read as I usually do Ms. Layton’s books. No too stupid to live (TSTL) heroes or heroines for her, good use of sexual tension, and always a happily ever after (HEA). She even manages to bring a good bit of humor into the plot without allowing it to overwhelm the story. So if you want a nice escape for an afternoon, pick up “His Dark and Dangerous Ways” by Edith Layton. You’ll finish the afternoon smiling and feeling refreshed.

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