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August 12, 2008

Review: After the Kiss by Suzanne Enoch

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After the Kiss by Suzanne Enoch

I decided to take a break from my paranormal binge of late and grabbed “After the Kiss” by Suzanne Enoch. I’ve been a fan of her writing for about five years now and even though I don’t love every one of her books, I do know that for a couple of hours, she will give me a delightful escape from reality.

This is the first story in Enoch’s new ‘Notorious Gentlemen’ trilogy, which according to her blog will tell the tales of three friends who somehow end up on the wrong side of the law after returning from the Peninsula War (1808-1814). First up is Sullivan Waring, the ‘natural child’ of a peer yet unacknowledged by his sanctimonious and quite irritating father. Sullivan followed a friend into the military, leaving behind his life as a successful horse breeder/trainer. His mother died while he was away fighting and when he returned, injured from the war, he discovered his legacy, her paintings, had been unjustly taken from him by her landlord, his ‘father’. So to irritate his father and retrieve his legacy, he becomes a burglar. He breaks into the houses of peers his father gifted’ with one of his mother’s paintings and steals it back! His life and nighttime exploits are going well until he steals a kiss in the course of one robbery.

Isabel can’t believe the gall of that man. Not only stealing a painting, but a kiss! It’s a good thing she grabbed his mask and caught a glimpse of him. But the next day she is stunned to find out that ‘her’ burglar is none other than famed horse breeder Sullivan. Isabel is terrified of horses after a childhood incident, but she does love a mystery. She uses her knowledge of his identity to blackmail Sullivan into training her new horse which she mostly blackmailed him out of! Romance and mayhem ensue.

To be honest, I didn’t particularly like Isabel at first. She’s portrayed as a typical shallow, spoiled aristocrat. But the author does an excellent job of allowing Isabel to mature via her experiences. Both Isabel and Sullivan stay true to their characters while learning some hard lessons about love and life. With Ms. Enoch’s descriptions of Regency England, I feel like I’ve traveled back in time and am taking part in the balls and soirees of the ton. Her supporting cast of characters is strong. I’m already on tenterhooks waiting for Bram’s story (you’ll have to read the book if you want to know who Bram is!) which will be the final book of the trilogy and likely will not release until early 2009, darn it. I also grew rather fond of Isabel’s younger brother and would love to see a story about him after he grows up even though one isn’t planned. When you want to know more about even the secondary characters in a book, you know the author has ‘reached’ you!

Suzanne Enoch has done another grand job with “After the Kiss.” The characters are likable, the setting is lyrical, and the sensuality is loveable. If you haven’t read one of her books, I highly recommend picking up this one. But don’t blame me when you get hooked!

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