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August 20, 2008

Review: Bite the Bullet by L.A. Banks

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Bite the Bullet by L.A. Banks

Those of you who’ve read some of my reviews know that I really love the whole paranormal romance/urban fantasy genre. There’s nothing like a bad-boy were, vamp, dragon, gargoyle, etc to get my motor running! I’m sure any psychiatrist would have plenty to say about that but I don’t really care! I enjoy ‘em, I know they’re fantasy, and I’ll read ‘em if I want so THERE!

I really hope I would have enjoyed “Bite the Bullet” by L.A. Banks more if I had read “Bad Blood,” which was her first book in this Crimson Moon series. I know there were several pieces of critical information that I didn’t know since I didn’t read the first book, and there were more than a few times where an event, character, or ability seemed to come totally out of left field for me. Furthermore, a couple of the characters referenced events that were (apparently) in the first book which caused them to act/react in a certain way and I was left in the dark. Bummer.


Sasha is trying to adjust to her life as a werewolf and probable mate to Hunter, one of her fellow soldiers. In the first book, apparently they found out that she had been genetically ‘enhanced’ and once she spent time in Hunter’s presence, her werewolf emerged. She’s having a lot of psychological difficulty giving up the control that she’s so accustomed to as a well-trained U.S. soldier. But she’s about to learn that when the she-wolf heat hits, there’s pretty much no fighting it. She’ll just have to work a little extracurricular activities into her schedule!

Hunter knows that Sasha is his Alpha-female mate. He admired her as a soldier and desired her from her first transition. He would love to give her all the time and space she needs to come to him on her own. Unfortunately, her she-wolf heat just hit, there’s a paranormal species summit in less than a week, someone’s trying to destroy the werewolf coalition, and he’s been re-infected with a toxin that causes Shadow wolves to go hulky and wacko and possibly become stuck in their uber-wolf form!

Lots of action, magic, and excitement. Banks writes a scorcher of a sex scene and those scenes are part and parcel of the plot, not gratuitous. There are loads of secondary characters and species so if this series becomes as successful as her ‘Vampire Huntress’ one, she will certainly have plenty of fodder for more books in this world. I do caution romance readers because this is much more urban fantasy than romance. Yes, there’s a relationship but if you’re looking for ‘hearts and flowers’, you’ll want to stay away from this one. However, if you’re an L.A. Banks fan and you’ve read “Bad Blood,” I predict that you’ll want to pick up a copy of “Bite the Bullet” as well.

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