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August 21, 2008

Review: Hot Property by Susan Johnson

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Hot Property by Susan Johnson

Susan Johnson is another big name in erotica publishing. Her novels run the gamut from historical to contemporary, but are always very, very hot. Once you read her stories, you realize that sex is at the heart of her novels; true erotica. Her latest, “Hot Property,” is an exciting modern story filled with tons of scorching hot sex, dry humor, and action.

Zoe has a problem. Actually a couple of them, but the biggest is the fact that her latest investigative novel about antiquities stars a high-powered businessman and his wife who have apparently decided to resort to threats after they learn she can’t be bought. Zoe’s other problem is her gorgeous neighbor who the very sight of causes her to remember exactly how long it’s been since she’s gotten ‘down and dirty’ between the sheets! When her investigation partner, who’s currently overseas, suggests she hire a bodyguard, Zoe has a fabulous idea! The few details she’s been able to glean from coffee shop gossip say her gorgeous neighbor could just be the solution to both her problems!

Nick suffers from nightmares—courtesy of a botched CIA mission in Kosovo. His job as a contract-hire interpreter for the agency unfortunately led to his witnessing the atrocities committed by a sadistic CIA agent. When Nick quit rather than continue to work with him, the agent tried to have Nick killed. Oh Nick can’t prove it, but he knows the ambush that killed his driver was ‘friendly fire’. After a long recovery, he’s retired to his late grandparents’ home in the boonies and is mostly recovered except for those occasional nightmares. When Zoe approaches him about the bodyguard job, Nick’s first thought is that she might be an assassin. After all, tall, gorgeous blondes aren’t exactly thick on the ground out in the woods. When Zoe offers to trade sexual favors for his protection (not exactly in those words, but hey I’ll call a spade a spade), he wavers. His libido finally makes the decision for him and now the two of them will dodge threats and bullets, all the while trying to quench their seemingly insatiable appetite for each other.

Susan Johnson knows how to write erotica. The relationship starts with sex and sex occupies a major part of the novel’s pages. Sweet stuff and mushy emotions only show up later and are treated with light humor. Her bad guys are almost comically bad as I would like to believe (maybe I’m just naïve) that anyone that sadistic and evil could hopefully not progress so high in the CIA. Her good guys are better than Rambo and are virtual sex machines. I, personally, would be crawling and begging for a break. But this is fantasy and Susan Johnson delivers with her trademark style. If you like your erotica hot enough to singe the pages (but still mostly vanilla) and your action heroes the gold medallists of sexual athleticism, then you should definitely pick up “Hot Property.” It’ll heat you up enough that you won’t need a coat for a while this fall.

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