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August 31, 2008

Review: Untouchable by Linda Winstead Jones

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Untouchable by Linda Winstead Jones

This was my first novel by Linda Winstead Jones, although she is a well-known and well-liked author of many paranormal romance novels including Prince of Fire. Untouchable is also a paranormal romance, although it could almost fall into the Historical Romance category because of all of the tales of Kings, Queens and Emperors, however because it is set in a world other than our own, it’s classified as paranormal.

This is a story about two brothers… Well, one brother actually, however you have to know both of them to know the story. These brothers are fraternal twins. One of them, the firstborn, is Emperor Jahn of Columbyana. He is in need of a bride. So Emperor Jahn sends out men to different locations around the world to bring him suitable bridal candidates. One of the men he sends is his younger brother (by mere minutes) Prince Alixandyr. Prince Alix goes to get a potential bride- Princess Edlyn- and as he is departing with her, the King gives Alix a gift for the Emperor,  a woman named Sanura. She is a woman made to pleasure men and she can see into their souls while she belongs to them, however no one is allowed to touch her unless she is theirs. To ensure this, Sanura is covered in blue powder. If anyone touches her skin, they get stained and the men assigned to protect her will kill anyone on site of they see blue on someone else’s skin other than Sanura.

Sanura must ride with Prince Alix back to the Emperor, and they slowly become more and more enamored of each other. However, Alix has a dark side to him, one that emerges when he least expects it. And when Princess Edlyn turns up dead, Prince Alix is the first one they suspect. When the riding party accuses Alix of the killing, he grabs Sanura, kisses her, throws her on his horse and flees! Now, the two of them have to make it back to Emperor Jahn in time to prove their innocence and Alix  refuses to give Sanura up no matter the consequences. Is Prince Alix innocent of what they are accusing him of, or has his dark side taken over his life? Can Sanura love both parts of Alix, the dark and the light?

“Untouchable” was a forbidden romance story, where two people who shouldn’t be together, loved each other anyway. This book was a bit long at times, and there was a side story about one of the potential brides that I wasn’t sure belonged in this book. I thought Ms. Winstead Jones would end the side story differently as to tie it in to the rest of the book, however that didn’t happen so I wasn’t sure what the purpose was. Overall, I enjoyed the story, and if there were another book, perhaps a story about the Emperor, I would definitely pick it up.


Reviewed by Heather


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