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September 5, 2008

Review: Weeding Out Trouble by Heather Webber

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Weeding Out Trouble by Heather Webber

I typically haven’t read too many traditional mystery stories, but I realized how much fun they are after finishing Heather Webber’s “Weeding Out Trouble.”  When reading a mystery, I find myself paying much more attention to minor details than when reading a romance.  After all, when particular information is given you can’t tell if the author is merely painting a picture of the scene or if it’s an important clue.  And of course, the fun comes from constantly changing your mind about “whodunit” throughout the book and eventually finding out if any of your guesses were actually correct.

Nina Quinn runs a landscaping business, but apparently has a tendency to get involved with local murder investigations.  So it doesn’t bode well for her when she discovers Daisy Bedinghaus dead on the floor of her local business.  The main suspect of the murder is Daisy’s ex-boyfriend Kit, who also happens to be one of Nina’s employees.  Despite what the local police think, Nina is convinced of Kit’s innocence and begins her own investigation to both find Kit and clear his name.

My one quibble about this book is that there were an abundance of secondary characters and I had a very hard time keeping them all straight.  I realize that part of the nature of a murder mystery story requires a large cast of potential suspects, but the characters were introduced so quickly (I counted 18 characters in the first 19 pages alone!) that when the characters popped up in later chapters I couldn’t remember if this particular person was the cousin, neighbor, teacher, hairdresser, etc.  Of course, this book is #5 in the Nina Quinn mystery series, so I suspect many of the characters had been introduced in earlier books.  Still, it was difficult for me to give serious consideration to any character as a suspect when most of them only made the briefest of appearances with minimal background information.

The book also kept its garden theme running throughout the plot.  As someone who attempts to garden (or rather, attempts to keep the weeds from overtaking the yard) it was fun to see how the garden idea was incorporated into a murder mystery (two very different things that I never would have thought about combining).  All the Nina Quinn books appear to have the same premise, based on their clever titles.

Lastly, my copy of the book was barely over 200 pages, which made it the perfect size for a quick read.  The length allowed for the mystery to develop without the solution being too convoluted, as can happen with longer books.  If you’re looking for a fun, fast mystery, and especially if you like gardening, give “Weeding Out Trouble” by Heather Webber a try.


Reviewed by Kristina


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